Weekend league mentality tips from an elite 3 player

Content of the article: "Weekend league mentality tips from an elite 3 player"

Hey guys, I’m a pretty consistent elite 3 player and me and my friends (some elite 3, some elite 2) decided to compile a list of how to keep your mentality in check when playing weekend league. I know elite 3 isn’t the greatest to take tips from anyway since there’s many, many, many better players than me but hey, if I can help someone then I’m good with that.

  1. Take a break after losses: my general rule is if I lose 2 games in a 4 game span, I instantly take a break. I don’t try and play out of it, I don’t try and power through, I force myself to take a break. I’ll also take a break if I take a loss that especially frustrates me.

  2. Laugh EVERYTHING off – I find that if I just force myself to laugh at the aids this game sometimes throws at me, it helps me to keep my frustrations in check.

  3. Don’t rage quit – not only will rage quitting leave a sour taste in your mouth, you also lose a game. Just play the game out, and if you lose it will only, in theory, help your match making.

  4. Admit when your opponent is better than you – this is hard sometimes I know, but you gotta do it.

  5. You don’t have to play all your games – seriously guys, your mental health is more important than getting gold 1. If the game is making you snappy at your family, putting you in a bad mood etc, maybe just leave it for the weekend.

  6. SPREAD YOUR GAMES OUT: the most important one IMO. Do NOT play 15, 20 games in a single session. Spread them out in sessions of 6-7 games, trust me on this one.

  7. Remember to have fun – look, we all know how frustrating this game can get. Please, just try and remember it is a game and you’re meant to have fun playing it. I know it’s easier said than done, but it’s worth keeping in the back of your mind. Just try and take the good with the bad.

Hope this helps

Edit 1: added some words

Edit 2: I refrained from adding gameplay tips because if I’m honest, that’s for you guys to figure out yourselves. Find what works for you and stick to it, I can scream till I’m blue in the face how I win games but if you can’t implement it, it won’t help you at all.


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