Weekend League Recap – MLS Squad. My best WL to date!


Playing with my main squad last week, I had my best ever start to WL going 10-5. I always joke that once the ELO hit’s +5 it all turns to shit for me… and boy did it. 10-5 became 10-15. Finished up 12-18, my worst effort for some time as I almost always find some way to scrape the 14 wins.

Annoyed with the game and my team, I turned to my fun squad during the week, playing Div Rivals with my MLS lineup. Remembering just how much fun I have playing with this team I decided to say fuck it, and take these legends into WL.

The aim with the MLS Squad is to hit 11 wins. I’ve used a lot of different lineups across the year so far in WL and 70% of the time still hit the 14 wins, but despite using different teams they’ve all been much better (on paper) than my MLS squad. So I’m kind of expecting that a number of the closer games that I might win with Mbappe and co will end up losses with this squad, but let’s see how we go! Additionally, I'm aiming for 0 rage quits this week. I find when I hit a losing streak and start RQing it just makes me play shitter, so no quitting this week!



  • Freeze Nani (Hunter): Pretty much the centrepiece of the team. Most good things seem to go through him at some point. Love the 5star/5star, and with hunter his 98 shot power is very noticeable.
  • TOTW Sergio Santos (Finisher): I really should be starting Higuain up front with Nani, but I just love the Nani/Santos pairing so much. Santos comes up clutch for me a lot, and scores some real bangers… so fuck it, he stays in the first XI.


  • OBJ Bojan (Engine): An animal with engine. Max agility and balance, passing stats all 90+, 92 acceleration makes him feel quicker than he is. Shooting is good enough to take chances that fall his way, will probably be fighting Nani for assist leader this weekend.
  • OBJ Lima (Basic): I much prefer playing Wingbacks on the wings instead of actual wingers, as I set them to comeback on defence and like them to be able to hold their own back there. His H/H workrates and 90+ stamina stand out as he bombs the wings for me all game long, using his overlap run to create a lot of chances for me. Doesn’t have great finishing, but 92 shot power means if he slips into the box and just punts the fuck out of it it usually just goes in anyway.
  • Freeze Damm (Basic): Was pumped when he appeared as the weekly Silver Star. Finally an MLS LB to complete my line-up. Quick, agile, solid defence and solid physical, like Lima his job is just to smash up and down the wings and stretch the defence which he does well. Passing is good enough to find assists in the box, and despite lacklustre shooting he can still finish 1v1’s when he gets the opportunity.
  • Moments Dos Santos (Basic): What a card. 4star/4star, H/H, 90+ in pace, long shots and dribbling, he does everything. If you put finisher on him he gets 95 shooting and would make an amazing striker, but I’d much prefer he be hustling in the middle and cracking these when he gets the chance.
  • TOTW Ring (Shadow): Plays the stay back CDM role while Dos Santos has more of a free roam, and he does it well. He never really does incredible that makes him stand out, but he doesn’t make many mistakes that make him stand out either. Really solid overall card, running with Shadow for that pace/defence boost for extra midfield hustle.
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  • OBJ Long (Shadow): Love the Objective Foundation players, going to be cut when we get to Fifa 22 and they don’t exist anymore. Long has 90+ pace and defending with shadow, to go with strength, stamina and decent agility. 6’1 with 95 jumping makes him a threat at corners.
  • RB Opara (Shadow): The big boi. Was already using him in this lineup when I got him untradable from one of the party-bag SBC’s, which is a sign the Fifa Gods want me to rock this team as much as possible. He’s big, he’s quick, and although his stamina lets him down a little bit he’s the general back there. Is my main target at corners.
  • Boring Normal Matuidi (Shadow): An 86 rated CB with Shadow, Matuidi fits perfectly as the third CB. 86 pace, decent agility and good aggression. A Flashback Matuidi would pretty much make my team complete; make it happen EA.
  • TOTW Melia (Shield): I’ve got several icon keepers in my club that had been honorary MLS players for this squad, but I have a very love/hate relationship with them. Base Yashin is unfortunately a statue in goal most of the time, and Base VDS is wildly inconsistent. One game he’s making 14 saves, the next he’s looks as thought it’s his first time keeping goal. VDS has been pissing me off more than usual lately, so when I decided to take this team into WL I had to go full MLS, so in comes Melia. Only 6’0 but with decent-ish stats, I trialled him in Div Rivals for a few games before I decided to put a chem style on a keeper for literally the first time ever and went with Shield. I figure that I’ll cop his handling/diving being average for the trade off of giving him a Super Saiyan 96 reflexes as he was just too slow to react a number times in Div Rivals. Fingers crossed that pays off.

Starting XI value: 170K (at time of commencing first game)

Total Squad value: 243K (at time of commencing first game)


Team starts in a 41212(2) to get everyone on full chem:

Starting Formation

Before switching in game to a 352.

In-game formation

Tactically decided to keep things super simple. I've experimented with heaps of formations and custom tactics, and I'm starting to think that the more instructions players have the dumber they act. So the only custom player instructions I had set were:

  • LM – Come back on defence, get in behind.
  • RM – Come back on defence, get in behind.
  • LCDM – Balanced, cover centre
  • RCDM – Stay back while attacking, cover centre
  • GK – Come for crosses, sweeper keeper

Everything else was left balanced.

Team Tactics


Beat my previous record of least amount of games to 14 wins by 1, and that could've been 2 if not for the 1 random disconnect I copped this weekend. Pretty stoked with that!

My quickest number of games to hit G3!

Full breakdown of scoring and ratings as follows:

Goals/Assists/Ratings – All starters played 24 games (Disconnect not included in calculations)

And for my Super-Subs:

  • Higuain 9 goals, 2 assists, 7.4 rating (15 games played)
  • Pavon 0 goals, 5 assists, 6.7 rating (14 games played)
  • Martinez 0 goals, 0 assists, 6.8 rating (2 games played)
  • Bradley 0 goals, 0 assists, 5.9 rating (1 game played)
  • Zelarayan 0 goals, 0 assists, 6.0 rating (1 game played)

MVP: Clearly Nani. Lead the team in goals, assists, and match rating. Such a fun card to use and really was the focal point of this weekend. He's only 25k-ish, so well worth trying out for fun I highly recommend him.

Surprise Packet 1: Lima. Was leading the team for assists at one point. Didn't do much in the final 4 or 5 games, but was a huge part of the 4-0 start.

Surprise Packet 2: Melia. This was a legit shock. Going in with a 79 rated keeper, I was prepared for it to cost me a game or three… but it really didn't. I'd previously been on the fence about the importance of keepers in this years game, and I think this swung me towards the opinion of it really not mattering as much as you'd think. Despite only being 6'0 he didn't get beaten by many top bins and, as Ronaldo found out, those 96 reflexes I mentioned in the preview turned out to really come in handy. Of 166 shots on target he saved 90, which sounds like a pretty solid number to me. He also had 3 saves in the only penalty shootout of the weekend to secure the win.

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  • 4-0 start.
  • Beating a 7.92m coin team 6-5.
  • Beating a 5.89m coin team 4-0.
  • Securing G3 in my least amount of games to date.
  • Sticking to my goal of no rage quits.


  • Having that disconnect.
  • Three drubbings. 2-8, 1-6 and 1-7. Take those out and my Goal Difference was 66 for and 51 against, a lot better than 70/72 it ended up. Was happy to stick to my no rage quits goal though.
  • Opara falling over for no reason when trying to clear to ball with 90+1 on the clock to secure a 3-2 win, allowing Mane to run in, chip my keeper and send it to extra time for what would be my only extra time loss of the weekend.

Well, that's it. Thanks for reading was needlessly long WL review that no-one asked for! Changing it up and playing WL with a team like this was a shitload of fun, so if you've been considering doing similar I reckon go for it.


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