Weekend League Review – Man Utd Past and Present

So, I've been using quite a strong team since January (just insane pack luck). However, the urge of using my favourite team is growing stronger, esp. with the players I NEVER used before. So this weekend, I've scraped my usual team and gone with this. I know my defenders are still pretty meta (again, very good pack luck), but the attackers need some time to get used to. Stopped at G3 with a few games spare.

My team is here:

Everyone is on 10 chem (bar Januzaj on 8 chem)

26 – Dean Henderson (10/10): Initially preferred De Gea but need him to link with Smalling, I don't really expect too much from him, however he really impressed me. Saved 2 pens in his debut, and never put a foot wrong, never made a mistake. Also, his Save With Feet trait bailed me out so many times, including a last minute save against Mbappe in my final win to G3.

12 – Smalling (8/10): Insane pace + tackling + physicality, good agility + balance too. Long legs are a nice plus. A little clumsy when playing out from the back esp when being pressed, however did his job well defensively.

5 – Rio (10/10): huge upgrade from his mid (whom I also have untradeable unfortunately lol). Not much to say about him, one of the best CBs in the game. Also, his composure makes it very easy to play out from the back, he evaded opponents' pressing with ease.

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23 – Shaw (8/10): I know you hate me – but I manage to play him CB on full chem, he's okay, has good passing too.

20 – Dalot (7/10): he's ok but unfortunately for him I used HL Tavernier a lot previously and Dalot is just a class behind. 84 stamina is not ideal as well – Neymar burnt him in a game that I had to subbed him out in the second half. Easily the weakest position in the team.

11 – Januzaj (7/10) – 8 chem: usually I require my wide mids to be okay defensively (75-80 DEF minimum). I don't have such luxury with this PnP squad so he's alright – Shaw and Keane covered a lot for him. Did his job diligently, went up and down the field well with 90 stamina and 97 pace.

16 – Keane (8/10): the Captain! He does his job as a stay back CDM and has sound passing too. A bit slow (esp. because I'm used to playing TOTY Trent in this role) – but high def work rate kinda makes up for it a bit.

39 – McTominay (7/10): the future Captain! I alternate between him and POTM Bruno, he's alright as a B2B, worse than Bruno going forward but better defensively. I never used him in serious games before, he's very strong in the tackle, but a bit clumsy when attack.

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22 – Mkhitaryan (7/10): Our Europa League hero! 4-5 combo is definitely nice. However, his involvement in the game leaves a lot to be desired. Getting used to him more today, however, still a strong candidate to be replaced by gold CR7 in the future.

10 – Rooney (10/10): My beloved Rooney excels in every role he plays. I used him in my normal squad on shadow as a B2B, and little did I know I wasted him there. Scored hattricks twice in my last 3 wins, included a trademark chip in my final game.

19 – Rashford (7/10): I'm not a skiller so can't get the most out of him, but he's fulfilling his duty. I really hope I can get his 88 or 89 version soon.


18 – POTM Bruno (9/10): shared the b2b role with McTominay, no need to say much about him he's just brilliant as in real life.

29 – Freeze Wan-Bissaka, 14 – Flashback Chicharito: some cameos towards the end.


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