What modes do you play? How many coins do you averagely gain weekly ? Just trading ?

Before we get into the questions I just want to say I found this sub a few days ago and I’m glad I did, it feels nice knowing there are people still playing FIFA 20 with all its flaws etc etc. I just wanted to know more about about what modes do you guys play. Squad battles ? Divisions rivals ? How do you guys do it with the fitness cards.

I used to be able to buy one every two games but now they are around 2.5 K so if I did ( knowing I make around 700 coins per game) I’d be losing money slowly but steady.

I’ve personally been playing squad battles more because or various reasons But mainly because I live in Chile and the servers are in Brazil so sometimes the connection goes terrible ( 70 ping minimum) I still play division rivals though ( division 4).

Im playing both squad battles and divisions this month because I’m now done with school ( some personal projects now, working on them but I have more time). I also prefer squad battles on ultimate level because I feel I can use the not so much meta cards and enjoy the games more ( this week I’ve been playing all games with the pro camera haha) and even sometimes add some snow to the pitch, I don’t know I just like being able to modify those things. In divisions rivals I get so frustrated with some jerks you play against repeating every goal and those stupid celebrations ( talking to you “ Ronaldo , calm down im here”) I just want to enjoy the game without its toxic environment.

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And last but not least: how do you guys do it with the fitness ? Used to be affordable to buy one but not anymore. Do you guys have an A team and a B team ? So you rest one team and play the other ? I personally know I need to make 30.000 points in squad battles every week to achieve elite 3 and get two rare mega packs which usually give you 8 fitness cards in total and I usually need those 8 to get by for the week ( I have a surplus of around 50) so those 50 I would start spending them on divisions rivals if I wanted to get serious on that.

Sorry for the long text, hope to hear from you guys!


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