What will be better in FIFA21?

(I’ve posted this on the main fifa thread but it probably got muted by mods as I had literally no reaction on it whatsoever for days)

So I generally like FIFA, it’s always been my go to game as I love football. Over the years it’s given me a tons of fun but also a ton of disappointment.

With FUT being the absolute and main focus of the game (for financial profit reasons) other game modes and other aspects of the game have suffered and decayed over the last few years especially.

I do love the idea of building your own squad with thousands of different cards of players from real life with cool stat upgrades and cool visuals I’m all for that but I am strongly against how it works on a competitive side where everyone literally has the same team and is sweating it out in a game where WL is literally a coinflip, gameplay and player performances are so inconsistent and packing a good card is worse than lottery, closer to scam if anything.

My last FIFA was FIFA19 and the poor service and lack of effort from EA to fix the real problems like servers and gameplay led me to not buy FIFA20 as I felt it wasn’t deserved. I think a new game engine is greatly needed, something that is more responsive and more fluid and runs well online, because the current engine is lacking all that. Also better servers and general improvement in online gameplay as well as actually adding new features to other game modes, like career mode for instance.

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I don’t know how you guys feel about the current state of the game as I haven’t played FIFA20 but I still think EA need to give more to us customers in every aspect. They should, they make gazillions and we shouldn’t be buying their games if they’re not worth it, even if there’s nothing better because they abuse that fact, they don’t really have much competition, yes PES is knocking on the door and is getting close, maybe on the new gen, PES2021 will take the crown again, who knows.

Now the question I ask, what will be better in FIFA21? (besides it coming out on PS5/XBOXXS so higher frame-rates, better visuals, faster loading times)

Will it be much better than FIFA20 to justify the purchase?

Let me know how you feel.


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