Why do Fifa streamers blame everything on DDA/delay when they are losing all the time? Is this a big source of the bad tone?

Content of the article: "Why do Fifa streamers blame everything on DDA/delay when they are losing all the time? Is this a big source of the bad tone?"

One particular streamer in particular started a series playing as toxic as possible, yet when the tables are turned he complains and rages? I don't care either way, it doesn't affect me, but I kinda feel it affects the community's mindset with regards to the game. This series IMO, was started partly to try and sneak a 30-0 in a less populated platform. This is their livelihood, so I can understand them doing things for entertainment purposes, or stressing out a bit more than the average joe, but I feel it sets a bad tone for the community.

People will never improve if they blame everything on things they cannot control, instead of focusing on things they can control. You can't control a bad bounce, it's frustrating but why compound the bad luck with a bad response. You can't control how aggravating someone may be throughout a game, why compound it by dwelling? The game is inherently flawed, that needs to be accepted, but to have the expectations that things will behave to your own personal liking or preference is an unhealthy habit to have.

Personally, I am a good player, best finish was 25-4 during Bundes TOTS. That's not indicative of my skill level, I am more of an E3 player as that's my normal finish. Not the best, and certainly have plenty of things I can definitely improve on. I run into luck at times, sometimes it goes against me. The biggest reason I feel I improved from G2 range was accepting and being honest with my own shortcomings. Realizing that my WL finishes have probably been helped as much they've been hurt. I worked on things with a clearer head that way. I wish more streamers urged their viewers to have a more positive attitude towards self improvement, instead of projecting their own entitled attitude.

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What are your thoughts?

Personal note: I'm 1-2 against "streamers" this year. The one win I had was during said Bundes TOTS on my way to 25 wins. I went to his stream after the game, which was a good one, a tight 3-1 game. All he was doing was complaining about the posts he hit, how I had "sticky" etc, constant complaints about my FB Mbappe… But never mentioned that I hit posts too while his TOTY KDB and HL Ney was impossible to take off the ball. Some things never change I guess. Guy is entertaining enough, so I get the appeal, but I wish he would use his platform to encourage a better attitude towards the game instead.


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