Why doesn’t FIFA track interceptions?!

Content of the article: "Why doesn’t FIFA track interceptions?!"

Look, I know this is sort of a silly thing to get worked up about. But it nags at me. I know the game can do it.

I really, really want the game to track interceptions at the team and player level the way it tracks tackles. That’s my small, petty wish. The game tracks tackles, corners, shots and shots on target, and passes. It tracks offsides. It tracks yellow and red cards, and it will even tell you where on the pitch a player got injured.

Example 1: Example 2:

In any game mode, at any time you can pause and see these stats about any individual player on your team or the opponents team, or you can look at it for the teams collectively. But you can’t do this for interceptions, anywhere!

There is one exception I know of: FUT Friendlies. There, I can see what my all-time interceptions per game average is against a particular opponent. And it really does illustrate something important about the way me and this opponent play against one another.

See here:

Absent the interceptions stat, it would appear as if this opponent gets the best of the defensive battle against me (left). But now that we can see interceptions, we have a better feel for who is generating more turnovers, and how.

Football is, among other things, a game about managing the inevitable turnovers. “The ball is round”, and all that. Part of managing (or creating) turnovers is recognizing that some turnovers are worse than others.

So in that vein, I suggest that interceptions matter more than tackles. An interception very often creates a good transition opportunity for you; you’re likely facing a good direction to create a chance. But if you make a tackle, you have to wrestle away the player you dispossessed, and then find an outlet. And that’s only if you actually managed to recover the ball. A player on the opposition could take possession of the ball after you tackled it off his teammate. Or you could be dispossessed yourself. And of top of all that, the opponent is often in a more threatening position when you make a tackle.

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I’d bet most players create more chances, and score more goals, in the 30 seconds after making an interception than there is in the same amount of time after making a tackle. And I’d also bet that the opposition gets more shot attempts in the 30 seconds after being tackled than it does in the 30 seconds after being intercepted.

So if it’s important enough to track tackles, why isn’t it important enough to track interceptions? We know the game can track them. Let us see them!


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