Why it was absolutely ridiculous that Muller isn’t in TOTY nominees: A statistical analysis

Content of the article: "Why it was absolutely ridiculous that Muller isn’t in TOTY nominees: A statistical analysis"

I, like most people was absolutely outraged at the fact that Muller was not in the team of the year nominees. Then I saw some of the people that managed to make the nominees and I was even more outraged, to make sense of this and see if we were all missing something EA wasn't I decided to do some investigative work by using statistics, numbers don't lie.

I wanted to make this a fair experiment so i decided to use Lars Stindl. Why Stindl? I want to make this as even as we possibly can between the two players so we can have no other variables besides the players stats. What this also meant is that we will not be using any cup, tournament, or friendly matches, we will only be using their stats from the Bundesliga.

Now if we were to just look at individual achievements I think it's fair to say that Muller has Stindl beat, Bayern managed to go and get the treble while Monchengladbach is sitting at 0 for the year of 2020. For this we will try to ignore trophies


All stats will be provided by SofaScore, it is a great app and I highly recommend

I only counted a players stats if they played for 45 minutes or longer, if they did not you will see X's for that game

Yes I understand that Muller is a Raumdeuter meaning that his role is not to get goals and assists but to provide his teammates with the space to get goals and assists. Unfortunately it is impossible to put the role of the Raumdeuter into numbers so we will not be taking anything surroudning that into consideration

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All stats for each game and the totals/averages on the bottom

Lets run through it stat by stat


Stindl bests Muller here by 4 goals, a pretty large margin. He managed to get all 4 of these goals in his last 4 games of the year, quite impressive of him.


Muller gets 17 assists meanwhile Stindl only gets 2, for a CAM 2 assists is pretty weak for an entire calendar year.

Goal Contributions:

In goal contributions Muller averages almost double the amount of goal contributions Stindl got, with Muller averaging an insane 1.44 goals and assists per game meanwhile Stindl only got 0.78.

Passing Accuracy:

Muller gets beat by a little higher than an 8% margin, Stindl puts up incredibly high passing accuracy numbers, cant deny that.

Key Passes:

Here Muller beats Stindl by a little more than 2 times the amount. Stindl puts up an average of only 1.52 key passes a game while Muller gets 3.07

Times Lost Possession:

Stindl here beats Muller with a near 8 times lost possession margin. Muller gets about 18.5 averaged lost possessions, while Stindl gets about 10.6.

Overall Rating:

This is a stat similar to what decides you Player Of the Match after any game of FIFA, Muller beats out Stindl by about 0.25


Stindl put up some surprisingly great numbers this year, beating Muller in 3 of 7 categories taken.

If EA were basing it purely off goals then yes Stindl would get the spot, but the fact that Muller went out, played a crucial role in a team that won a treble, and beat Stindl in the majority of important statistics it's just flat out wrong that Muller isn't nominated.

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Yes, I do understand I'm complaining to nobody as what's done is done and it was unlikely he got one in the first place with Kimmich, KDB, and Bruno Fernandes having great years. But it would have been nice to at least see him in the nominees.

If I had to guess there must be some licensing issue or anything that could've kept him out of the nominees because it just wouldn't make any sense otherwise, EA are not that stupid.

If you've managed to make it this far thank you for reading, I will see you next time.


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