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TLDR: just read the numbered list as my suggestions for FUT.

I have played football games for 22 years. I have played all of them multiplayer against other people. My journey started on PC with FIFA 98 RTWC and 99. Soon after I moved to Playstation 1 and 2 Winning Eleven/PES series for almost a decade until I returned to FIFA with FIFA 08 on Xbox 360. None of those games were perfect, it always sucked to lose. Whether it was overpowered opponents, friends who always picked the same team and played like a bug, or connection issues… There was always something that induced rage.

During this time I won a few local tournaments and I consider myself as an above-average player. In Seasons I am always in Div 1 rather easily. I strongly struggle in FUT simply because I do not have the time to devote to it and in Christmas my team is barely at the level of others' starter squads. Literally everyone I play against have way better squads and players. The only icon I ever owned is Baby Gerrard and never had a POTY card in my squads. I get stuck in Div 5 and can't go further. I played WL a few times and often ended up with 14 wins only and a couple of times I got 17 wins.

FUT is designed in a way that even the worst players can end up with great teams if they devote their time or money (or both). It is fine not to be a good FIFA player and please don't get me wrong I am not judging anyone's skills. But I somehow think that winning matches should reward players way more than it does today.

Seasons on the other hand is too under developed. There is nothing interesting in it, you jump in and out of matches. Play against teams and players at a similar quality to yours. But the satisfaction you get from it is minimal.

Here are my suggestions for the future of FUT and please let me know your thoughts:

  1. Make less crazy cards: I understand the need to make more content and desirable cards. But this can come in ways like position modified players like a RW Mbappe instead of a LW, etc. The game simply breaks when Adama Traore becomes the best right winger and Messi becomes barely anymore relevant than Kent. What is the point of 99 pace attackers running against 99 pace defenders end to end for 90 minutes? When every card is at max, nobody is good. I personally don't find it any fun at all when players with no real relevancy in football become better than base versions of legendary players. They should definitely get upgraded cards but massive boosts should only be reserved for POTY versions.
  2. Less weekly more yearly challenges: Most people won't like this as most of this subreddit is a FIFA addict with massive FOMO on challenges and SBCs. But some of us got kids, wife/husband, social activities. Allow me to complete a certain objective for a card that I really would like to enjoy playing with even if I get to complete it in damn August. The game is extremely demanding with very short deadlines. I know we have season long objectives and they're great but why not be able to keep objectives for as long as the year goes? Those who finish early would still benefit early anyway.
  3. More coins/packs for wins: You won 5 games in a row? Here is a player pack for you. You won 10 in a row? Oh here is a rare player pack, etc. You catch my drift. Losses should mean close to 0 coins. Higher divisions should reward more in coins per win. This way people will be less encouraged to drop 9 divisions to complete weekly challenges in time. The way it is setup right now, there is so little difference between winning and losing. As long as you participate, as long as you spend time or money on the game, you get rewarded one way or another. This is the primary reason why everyone thinks this game is pay to win. You pay in coins or you pay with your time trying to complete SBCs. Winning games in division rivals or squad battles isn't that important at all, unless it is to complete some weekly challenge played with cards which you do not enjoy playing with.
  4. Make it easier to apply contracts and fitness or remove this stupidity entirely: What is really the value of applying contracts and fitness? Well it is to flush money out of the clubs, to fill packs with items, etc. Instead we should pay certain amount of coins per game per player depending on player overall rating. It takes so much time and energy for casual players to apply 11 fitness cards. This would also mean that the coins we get from losses should be so minimal that it would barely make up for the cost of "salaries" or in different division levels would net below zero.
  5. Start FUT with Fantasy PL style Draft: One of the most boring parts about FUT is those first 10-20 games where you have Chinese defenders coupled with Saudi midfielders and poor Mkhitaryan on the right wing. Instead I would love to pick a league, start with a set budget and pick players for each position keeping the total cost within that budget limit. Of course these will still be poor players, but at least with decent chemistry and will allow me to start with a playing philosophy from get go.
  6. Revamp position modifier cards: Allow for changing a player maximum 1 step out of his original position. For the life of me I cannot understand why we can make a CDM out of Benzema but cannot play a LW like Mbappe as ST or RW. It is definitely way more common in real football for wingers/full backs to change side than having strikers player CDM. Also why stop at CDM? Why can't we make a CDM a CB? In a nutshell, we should be able to make Fabinho (CDM) into a CB or CM but not any further. Winger one step forward/back or opposite side. I know we can do whatever we want with in game tactics but it is still disturbing.
  7. Find a way to stop bots in Transfer Market: I understand we have many people who love trading aspect of this game and that is perfectly fine and enjoyable. I am not one but I love people grind and make coins like that. But it is also a known fact that there are sniper bots in the market. If you catch it manually that is great, but I often find myself losing a card 1 second after it was listed in the market, repeatedly.
  8. Show opponent wins and losses in WL and Division Rivals: I want this for 2 reasons. First one I am just curious. Secondly, I don't always believe in matchmaking.
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I have a bunch of thoughts for Seasons as well but this post is way too long already to cover that. Maybe another time.


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