Working on your Mental strenght to improve your gameplay and quality of life

Seen a lot of people posting recently asking how can they improve in champs.

First of all dont listen to people giving you negitive comments like your gold 2 or 3 etc no matter what etc, everyone can improve and get better at the game. Those negitive people do not like to see other people do well and get their fun from putting others like you who want to work on their game down.

The biggest non ingame thing you can do is work on your mental strenght and mentality. Thats what can get you from Gold 2 to gold 1. It is also the main difference between elite players and gold 1 players.

If you rage at the game or let a toxic player get to you ingame you start to make rushed and poor decisions ingame leading to you playing worse and them getting more oppertunitys to score. Even though the game can be so bad with bounce back and passing go to wrong players you need to always remain calm and stick to your play style and tatic thats getting you the wins normally, only changing it as you normally would to counter a differnt playstyle.

This will take a lot of work in real life and things like eating well, drinking lots of water and not those toxic enery drinks people use. Going for a nice walk each day to stay active does wounders to and gets the blood flowing. Remember if your knocking back those drinks full of crap all your doing is getting a cafeine or suger high which is swiftly followed by the crash and thats not healthy for your body or your mind and it will effect how you play and you will have less strenght to control your rages.

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You can try others thing that you might think will help keep you relax and zen. You wont see the vast majority of Pro Gamers raging when something bad happens or throwing joypads they just get on with the game knowing that things like that will happen and they just have to overcome it.

Back when I was stuck in Gold 1 years ago I started working on the mental side of myself and I quickly started hitting E3. This week I am currently 14-3 and even though 1 of those losses was a bad one with so many things going against me I just took it on the chin and did not rage. I took a 10 min break to make a cup of green tea and went on a 5 game win streak after that.

Its very under esteimited the mental side of the game. And when you consider that most of the player base will be from 14 to mid to late 20's it is normally they might not yet have worked on their mental strenght so thats why a lot of them rage quit and play toxic to get you to etc. I am 36 very soon and still able to compete in champs and make Elite 3 without playing off peak times for better connection etc. I am still in bed before midnight each night etc and am force to play a lot of my games during peak.

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Put the work in now, it might take some time, but you will benift not just with improved gaming but an improved quality of life


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