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20 UoC is almost the objectively best choice assuming no shenanigans.

Content of the article: "20 UoC is almost the objectively best choice assuming no shenanigans."

So back in the day (around Rivera/Tsukiko/Kaito so a year ago) we could trade in 1 UoC ticket up to 5 times for 2,000 lapis. The news said at the time this was a special event, and the next time it happened it would be 1,500 lapis per ticket up to 5 times. So 6,000 Lapis is out of the running ASSUMING that we get that option again especially before Starlight Elena comes out. Kaito and Tsukiko were reviewed 1 year ago depending on when you read this exactly.

So we still don't have that option coming back, and it might never come back. If it however does, 5 UoC spent means you have 15 remaining. Nearly 2 prisms. Now let's say we get an omniprism instead of a Tifa prism for the awakening event. That's 10k. You could spend 8 UoC on her prism, keep the Omniprism for a holiday unit to get their STMR.

Now what about the STMR tickets? Well fact is we seem to be getting a lot of them for anniversary. They are in shops, they are as rewards, you get them for logging in, you get them in Chambers of the Vengeful which you can curb stomp more easily once you have your Tifa ready, you have chances in the Slots De Chocobo, you have chances at getting them for using your voting tickets for the vote I'm talking about. Just so many tickets.

Every month at the end of the month for the Anniversary Gumi has given us a 10k, 11 rainbow pull, with a free STMR moogle. Which is why I have more STMR moogles than I have uses for. Now don't get me wrong I have 36 UoC and some more that I can earn once I play around with Tifa and redo trials I botched. So I'll have like 40-50 UoC soon Before we could even get the extra 20.

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If I had to guess, we're getting Cloud this week, the 11 rainbow pull next week, with some new Summer Banner… I mean hopefully we'll get Neo Vision Tsukiko awakening? Doubt it, but I dunno she needs something nice. I know she's had hundreds of birthdays already, let's make this one special!

The last thing I'll say is that 20 UoC is going to be almost like getting 50% STMR moogles for non time limited units. Just give it a few months and any unit that's been released in the pool you can grab for 10, so if you need just 1 more Vaan cause you fused a 3rd vaan into your first, like you can fix that with 10 UoC in 3 months and sure you can use it on Remake Cloud, but let's be honest…. We don't have 400% TDH announcement yet, so who are you really using that on right now other than him, and he's weaker than Tifa…. *shrug* I mean if that's what you want to do, have at it.

20 UoC >>>>>> 6,000 Lapis
20 UoC >>>>= 100 STMR tickets 90% of the time.
20 UoC is very close to objectively better than the other 2 options, other than very narrow situations. It's just the most value as far as I can see. Would anyone really be upset if 20 UoC was the winner?

P.S. Unrelated to anything else… F in chat for Red XIII this week.


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