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2T Behemoth K with Tifa and RedXIII

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Hey folks,

I wanted to share my strategy/team to beat Behemoth in 2 turns for the SOON missions or even for those that did not beat it yet. I noticed that most strategies rely on NV Rain or several full evade units, which is not so accessible to a lot of people since NV Rain was not so popular and several players lack the items for full evade builds. To replace those, NV RedXII (not EX awakened) and MMXon can do the trick. Red hits Xon turn 1 to activate smoke bomb and provides the needed demon and beast killer turn 2, while Xon gives 5x AOE mirrage turn 1 (Smoke bomb) and mirrors the killer turn 2. The team that I used was

Red XIII Lakshmi Lid CG Cecil Mastermind Xon Tifa (BS) Tifa (BS)

As you can see, the team uses mostly units and that can be UOCed and only Lid is full evade, while Xon and Red are almost naked. Lucid Lenses can be changed for Reno`s STMR, which is "free". The hard part of the build might be Tifa and Cecil. Cecil has to be built to survive turn 1. My Tifa friend was not geared for the battle (no killer), so I presume you do not need too many STMRs for her as long as both have some killers and LB gear. Below you can see the actions of each unit.

Turn 1

Red: Sled fang targeting Xon

Lid: 3x Attack-sealing mirror!

Cecil: Into the dark + Paladin`s protection

Xon: Smoke bomb

Tifas: Concentration + Awakened fighting spirit + Crashing waves

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Turn 2

Red: 3x Killer rave

Lid: Nothing…

Cecil: 3x Moonlightbringer

Xon: Critical mirror + Projected mirror

Tifas: LB

I hope this can help some people. Cheers!

EDIT: Added Cecil`s icon which was missing

EDIT2: Alternatively, you can also build RedXII as a provoke evade tank to proc his Guaia guardians counter, which also gives killer buff to beasts and demons. By doing so you still need to have RedXII at 7*, but not NVA. Thanks u/Jilian8 for the tip


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