Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

A discussion of grind and QoL features

Been thinking about quitting the game for a while and in the process of doing so I found an interesting thread that I started to pull on. Figured I would share and get other peoples take on it.

The last few weeks have mostly been dead as far as content which caused me to consider the question of "How much time do I spend playing the game outside grind or content that I just set up a team, beat the content once, then hit repeat?" From that I decided to start considering all the content we have in terms of grind. The content we have is as follows:

  • World Story
  • Story Events
  • Raid
  • Enhancement Event
  • Mog Event
  • DV
  • CoW

From this list in my experience the story events, raid, enhancement, and Mog. Events are completely setup party, complete once then hit repeat. Additionally, I found the same for the first few stages/levels of DV and CoW. For story events, I have a team that checks the box of all the missions (since none are mutually exclusive) and I just hit repeat to clear everything. For DV I typically find the largest time sink for these modes to be gearing, but since we now each party saves its own gear it has simplified things to just trading killers out then hitting repeat to OTKO. The same somewhat applies for the earlier levels of CoW, setup team, kill boss and just keep repeating until you get to a level which causes you problems.

Which leaves the only content that is not just mindless grind to be the later levels/stages of DV and CoW. In DV case typically only the last boss gives any meaningful issue, though occasionally the other ones as well. In my experience it typically takes me about 2-6 hours and many many attempts to beat these bosses. Due to the rotating nature of the events, it at least to me appears we really only get about 4-12 hours of content which requires actual thought a month. Compared to the amount of time spent on grind (burning orbs, energy) that seems extremely low.

I know a lot of players have been pushing for QoL improvements such as a way to just have the game auto-play stages by pressing repeat till it is out of orbs/energy. I played another gatcha mobile game that actually implemented these QoL features a while back. It like FFBE had a lot to do, but also like FFBE much of that was just grind. I found I stopped playing the other game after a few months because my daily routine with it was just to login, press some buttons, set my phone aside and come back 15-20 minutes later after it had auto-completed the event and start the next thing… only to wait 15-20 minutes for that to auto-complete, then the next, etc. Because the QoL features removed anything for me to actually do it made me realize very quickly how little I was actually playing the game. A game where most of your interaction is pushing a button and waiting is not very entertaining at all. I think this is why FFBE has refused to give us these QoL features, as they realize the moment they do that they will remove the majority of game interaction for players and lots of people will leave.

I dunno where I am going with this, but what are your thoughts on the amount of content to grind and how the lack of QoL features to automate the grind impacts the perception of it?


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