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Hi guys. Since there are quite a few questions in the Daily Help Thread about what unit to choose for the exchange, I figured I'd throw my hat into the ring as well.

So this exchange lets you pick from most 5* flavors of the main cast. I won't be rating them, but I will go over highlights for a few different categories. The categories will be more or less in my personal priority order, but the units inside are not.

As always, if you just really want a unit because you think they're cool, just get them. This is a game, and if you're not having fun then there's not really much point.

Units that are just GOOD

This is only looking at the unit. Either they offer exceptional damage, incredibly rare buffs, or something else to make them stand out.

  • Mystical Ice Lasswell. He's still (barely) in the top 10 damage dealers (that includes 3 limited units), and has some incredible support which makes him definitely worth considering.
  • War Hero Raegen. More damage but less utility than MI Lasswell, and stronger killer buffs that can be passed around.
  • Four Winds Physalis. She deals huge chunks of magic damage in elements that are fairly hard to come by, and also comes with autocast killer buffs.
  • Nichol of the Epsilon Star. He's mostly a pick because of his AoE ice imbue – he can AoE imbue and ST imperil on turn 1, and he is the only unit who can do this. There are other AoE ice imbues, but they are unlock-only. He's also a very solid support, but fights over a team slot with Sylvie.
  • Summer Fina & Lid. I was hesitant to put these girls on the list, but they still do a pretty solid job of breaking, and offer a bunch more utility like healing, water imbues, and a variety of 100% imperils (that admittedly only come online on turn 3).

I specifically didn't include any tanks on this list – there have been quite a few recently, including two perfectly usable freebies.

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Units with noteworthy STMRs

  • Mystical Ice Lasswell. Massive flat ATK, high single-element resistance and a killer. While Dragon Killer is pretty accessible (both it and DK+ are technically farmable), having this for free on an already excellent armor is great.
  • War Hero Raegen. A very high ATK sword with 50% TDW. It wouldn't be all that remarkable, but 50% TDW is often enough to save an entire materia slot. That makes it worth considering imo.
  • Infernal Fire Rain. Same deal as Lashwell. High ATK, resistance and a killer. Beast Killer is a lot more relevant since it's actually exceedingly hard to come by.
  • Sakura of the Delta Star. This is more of a niche STMR, but the combination of high flat MAG, high % MAG and LB damage on a weapon in a world where magic LB finishers exist is pretty slot efficient. Try saying all of that in one breath.
  • Nichol of the Epsilon Star. 30% all resist and immunity to two very relevant status ailments. The LB fill and MP are icing on the cake. This is a very solid piece.
  • Aldore King Rain. This is kind of a stretch, but it's a high ATK 2H weapon with 50% innate TDH on it. It's slot efficient, but is often just worse than something like Cross Aigaion Arm.
  • Chocobo Fina. 45 all stats, GUTS, and a bunch of other minor boosts. This is excellent. Depending on the trial, this can potentially let you ignore mechanics that don't hit you 100 times.
  • Summer Fina & Lid. High defensive stats, and 60% resist to three elements. It's pretty damn solid and makes gearing tanks for high eHP and elemental resist very easy.
  • Summer Folka & Citra. Very much the same comment as for Fid above. Having HP/MP isn't even a bad thing since everyone wants HP, and there are a lot of MP hungry units.
  • Seaside Nichol. Good offensive and defensive stats, with elemental resist. It's also not a robe, so for someone like FW Physalis who can't equip them, it's a good option. There are TMRs similar, but this has much better bulk (and higher MAG).

Despite the units below here having great STMRs, I'd think really hard before picking them just for the STMR.

  • Zeno of the Beta Star. Having high ATK, solid % ATK as well as a killer is really great. Man-eater is also very relevant, and 75% isn't exactly a joke.
  • Folka. The big thing here is the huge chunk of water resist on a weapon. The other stats aren't bad either.
  • Awakened Rain. 30% all resist on an accessory slot? While not losing a huge chunk of damage? I've used this in DV quite a lot and it's definitely pulled its weight.
  • Blossom Sage Sakura. Despite her age (hah), this is still the second highest MAG robe in the game – and also has a fat chunk of elemental resist on it too.
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Units that have a future NV

  • Summer Folka & Citra
  • Summer Fina & Lid
  • Blossom Sage Sakura
  • Pyro Glacial Lasswell

Units with really good TMRs

The TMR has to be preeetty good for you to pick a unit just for the TMR, but here goes.

  • Mystical Ice Lasswell. Very high flat ATK, a weapon mastery and elemental resist. Generally a lot of value.
  • Sweet Nichol. Everything I said about Seaside Nichol's STMR goes here too. This is a high MAG set of clothes, that also has some elemental resist. Niche, but almost double the next best option.
  • Hess King Lasswell. This is basically Beatrix's STMR but for katanas. High stat density, so if you use a TDH katana unit, this is a very good non-STMR materia.
  • Aldore King Rain. This might be the only source of LB Damage on a chest slot. Good stats besides, too.
  • Chocobo Fina. Ribbon and HP/MP is amazing. It slots in on so many units and adds much-needed ailment protection, with some bulk on top.
  • Aloha Lasswell. While the 25% TDW is kind of awkward if you're not a Lasswell, it does pair nicely with Kadaj's TMR or WH Raegen's TMR. It also provides good flat ATK and 25% evade, making it the best offensive evade accessory in the game.
  • Maritime Strategist Nichol. I never hear anyone talking about this, despite how good it is. It's got 50% resist to two elements, while maintaining passable offensive stats. Great if you want to give a certain bird the middle finger.
  • Lotus Mage Fina. It's a high SPR hat, and a ribbon. Honestly it's an amazing item.
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Overall Winners

  • Mystical Ice Lasswell is the whole package. Amazing unit, with stellar TMR and STMR.
  • Summer Fina & Lid. Pretty good unit who has a great STMR and a future past our current level of power creep.
  • War Hero Raegen. Great unit with a great STMR, in case you happen to pull more copies of him later.
  • Nichol of the Epsilon Star. Same deal as Raegen.

Honestly I was using this as a research project for myself too – I'm going with Lasswell. I was surprised by how well Fid placed, since I was never a fan of her silly cooldown-enhanced skills.

Hopefully this list helps someone out. As usual, if you think I messed up, feel free to yell at me.I would appreciate some reasoning though.


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