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At the risk of beating a dead horse: Gumi response is not acceptable

Content of the article: "At the risk of beating a dead horse: Gumi response is not acceptable"

I know this topic is betting beat to absolute death on the forums since yesterday. I get it that it’s becoming a “turn the page and accept it” kind of a situation. I just wanted to say that I don’t think we should let this one go. This is a huge deal, and I think it’s one of the worst things Gumi has done to disrespect their playerbase in the game’s history.

Their response this morning was beyond out of touch. They say “we hear you, we will give you more ways to get gold,” but that is not at all what this is about. It’s about being fair to everyone. What they did was give a select # of players that were able to instantly log in and take advantage of a very significant bug a huge leg up on everyone else. Let me say I’m not just whine-bagging here cuz I’m salty. I’m one of the ones that was able to take advantage. I still think it’s grossly unfair for me to be over the damn cap on Gil whole a huuuuuuge population of the playerbase is struggling for it. As outlined yesterday in a post, this now creates a ripple effect for the haves vs the have-nots. The haves can now focus their NRG on non-Gil related things for basically a long ass time. The have-nots have to commit time and NRG resources for continuing to grind for gil and carefully select who they want to evolve and who they can’t afford to. This disbalance to the energy economy will also indirectly affect our competitive mode DV, as some players have the luxury of hoarding NRG pots for more min/maxing runs now, as well as being able to carte blanche evolve any and every char on their roster, fully max out enhancements and brave abilities. They also have a big advantage in KM, as they can devote 100% of currency to all things not Gil snapper related. This situation has nothing to do with making more Gil opportunities for everyone, it’s about equality – not letting a small portion of us exploit a huge big and telling the rest of us to piss off.

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My recommendations would be another wave of angry messages to support saying this is not an acceptable resolution. We also have the right to go to their page on the App Store and start spamming them with 1* ratings. I know it’s petty and it might not do anything, but these companies do care (at least to an extent) about their app ratings as it influences potential new players. Or, alternative option, we can let it slide and continue to be a doormat. I get it this topic is already getting old and everyone’s analyzed every angle and said basically everything there is to say, but I think this is a VERY VERY shitty move, and outright one of the most disrespectful things they’ve tried to pass off on the 4 years of global. Just because it’s so damn easy to fix and it doesn’t cost them anything to do it. Gumi response yesterday was condescending and disrespectful, almost like telling us outright that they have all the power in this relationship and they 100% know it.

Sorry for the manifesto. I’ve said my peace.


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