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August 2020 Total Amount of Lapis

Content of the article: "August 2020 Total Amount of Lapis"

Here are the totals for the lapis we got over the month of August. If I missed anything please let me know in the comments.

I am quitting FFBE as of tomorrow. I don't like Neo Visions much at all and I have been on the edge of quitting for a while now and NV is simply the final blow. I stuck around to the end of the month so i could finish off this lapis total post but for September and onward someone else is going to have to pick it up.

It isn't very hard to do this, just stay on top of the new content coming in each week (aka don't leave it until the end of the month) and write it all down in a spread sheet and it doesn't take more than 5 min each week (and then maybe 20 min to do this monthly post. Here is a very handy post that gives the lapis values for the story resets and it will save you loads of time. (thanks /u/amhnnfantasy!)

If you use Reddit Enhancement Suite for Chrome/Firefox (which is awesome and I encourage all desktop users to use it) there is a button at the bottom the main post that says Source and when you click that you can simply copy all my formatting from this post (which is what I did from the last guy 😀 ) and recycle it for your own post, just fill in the new event names and lapis values. RES also shows you previews of what you are typing out so you always know what your formatting looks like (saves so much time).

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This is an awesome community and I am happy to have been part of it for the last 4 years, the only reason I lasted this long is because of the wiki and FFBE Equip and this subreddit. I just don't like the game anymore so I am going to move on, perhaps I'll join the Blog and hang with the rest of the other quitters 🙂


Total Amount of Lapis

Login Rewards 6,900
Events 31,720
Total 38,620

Daily Login Rewards

Normal 2,200
Thai + Indonesian Release 200
Awesome August 500
Evolution 400
Overdrive 3,600


Daily Quest 2,050
Arena 1,240
Ads 1,000+230
Expeditions 400
World Revisit Quest S2 Gunganl 4,820
CoV Demon Matsuri 500
CoV Bogeyman Nights 500
CoV Not Toying Around 500
Vault of Hidden Treasures 360
Pick a Present 500
Compensation 650
Silver Dragon MK 900
Unit Intro – CG Kuja 50
Compensation 200
FF9 Exploration 200
FF12 Raid 190
Behemoth Trial 180
Scorn of The Dragon of the Abyss 100
FFRK Community Challenge 400
FF7 Remake MK 380
Unit Intro NV Cloud 50
FF12 Challenge 1,300
Ex Point Revamp Compensation 70
Slots de Chocobo* 2,000
Guardians of the Planet 300
FF7 Remake Daily Fight 100
Dark Visions #5 500
FF7 Remake Exploration 100
Unit Intro – NV Rain 50
Heroes of the Lapis Rebellion 300
A Blue Prelude – Story Event 2,500
A Blue Prelude – Companion Battles 700
Compensation 100
Story Update S3 CH4 4 P2 3,300

*For Slots de Chocobo I made an estimate as to what the lower bound on what someone would have gotten for using the full 153ish slot tokens we got for August. Personally I got 3,620 lapis from 153 tokens but others might have gotten more and some less. I figure 2,000 is probably reasonable and if people got more than good for them.

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Month Lapis
January 26,165
February 20,075
March 24,330
June 29,240
July 26,180

Lapis 2019


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