Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Bahamut 3* (New Trial of the Dragon King)



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Missions (Hard Mode) Reward
Complete the quest Bahamut Emblem
Evoke an esper Trust Moogle 10%
Use an item X-Potion x1
Defeat Bahamut with a limit burst Bahamut Emblem+

Clear Videos (Hard Mode Only)

#label-red”>Youtube u/Sinzar_ (325 Turns) (Comment)
(CG) NV Summer Fina & DaisyRikkuCG FinaNV Lasswell & RaegenNV TerraNV Terra

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Example Teams (without a video)

u/Dyingatheist13 (246 Turns) (Comment)
(CG) NV Summer Fina & DaisyDoctor AidenKrylaNV Akstar & CleomeNV TerraNV Terra

u/togeo (369 Turns) (Comment)
(CG) NV Summer Fina & DaisyRikkuNV AerithNV Lasswell & RaegenNV TerraNV Terra

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General Tips

2,100,000,000 2,000,000 30,000 99,000 30,000 99,000
Passives: +90% (+27,000) +90% (+89,100) +90% (+27,000) +90% (+89,100)
Breaks: Can Break Immune Can Break Immune
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Fire Ice Lightning Water Wind Earth Light Dark Neutral
+300% +300% +300% +300% +300% +300% +300% +300% +99%
Poison Blind Sleep Silence Paralyze Confuse Disease Stone
100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
  • Race: Dragon + Beast
  • Starts fight in "Easy" mode

While in "Easy" mode (start of fight):

  • Uses one Fire, Ice, or Lightning AoE magic attack per turn (can cover or resist it)
  • After four rounds, will kill himself for you, winning the fight
  • If Bahamut is hit with anything offensive, he will enrage and activate "Hard" mode permanently:

While in "Hard" mode (permanent once activated):

  • Alternates between 99% Physical Mitigation and 99% Magical Mitigation every turn (randomly, unremovable)
  • Cycles through elemental vulnerabilities
  • Uses Megaflare/Gigaflare/Teraflare after countdowns
  • Uses magical attacks while the Gauge is up. Uses physical attacks while the gauge is broken
  • Gauge Stats: 20,000 HP, 3 Turn Duration
Weapon Break Effectiveness
Dagger, Bow, Spear, Gun 100
Other Weapons 5


Togeo's JP post with detailed AI and info can be viewed Here

If you just want to unlock the esper and don't care about doing hardmode for the emblem, here's the basics:

  • Do not deal any damage or attacks to Bahamut
  • Survive for four turns with 100% Fire/Ice/Thunder resist, or magic cover
  • You can also jump or hide all living units to instantly win
  • If doing the esper summon mission, use a non-offensive esper such as Golem to prevent activating hardmode
Read more:  JP - DARK VISIONS #16 (混沌の胎動) - 12/28 ~ 01/05

If you do decide to try for the last mission by killing Bahamut with a limit burst, here's some very brief tips:

  • Use Shoreline Fina & Daisy with Guts and 100% to every resist
  • Have someone AoE re-raise every turn
  • Have someone to AoE revive and raise Faisy every turn
  • Give all key units Guts (Tank, Re-Raiser, Reviver)
  • Get ready for a long fight
  • See Togeo's Post for a breakdown of his vulnerability pattern


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