Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Been playing FFBE since February. Finally decided to express some of the gripes I have with the game

1) The loading times. I'm not entirely sure if this is my device (and I have nowhere else to test this), but I find it super weird how FFBE can take up to 2-3 minutes easily just to get to the main menu, especially when full-on 3D games load in much faster, and Brave Exvius is mostly sprite-based

2) Friend Requests. I cannot tell you how many times I have finished a stage with a unit from a player who is not in my friends list, with the game offering me to send a request, only to be met with a message saying that the players' own list is either full or he has too many pending requests already. Okay, so if FFBE can recognize whether a guest has open slots or not, why offer me the option to send a request in the first place? Just skip this step and bring me back to the stage selection

3) World Quests. I'm probably in the minority, but I just don't bother with these. Mostly because of seemingly lackluster rewards, but secondly because jumping all over the map in search of objects, and then again to seek out the NPC who actually gave the quest to receive a reward. It'd be much simpler if there was a button that let you directly teleport to the general area where both the mission and the questgiver reside

4) Unit Filter options. Honestly this is the most annoying thing in the game. Whenever a new event rolls around or I encounter a new boss that has a specific elemental weakness, building a party for the encounter means pretty much starting from scratch and changing out units one by one. Why? Simple – the skills menu is I think poorly designed. Combined with the rather small font (which by the way you cannot customize at all) and the skill icons not always being representative of whether there's an Elemental attack or not, I constantly have to scroll through finding not only units that can exploit a boss' weakness, but also whether the party fits under the same chain family. And for some reason you cannot filter out specific elements or families. Instead there's all this other shit like Magic Pit, Special Reward, Magic Level, and so on

5) Sorting by the Limit Burst level. Various events in FFBE basically shower you with pots that increase LB, mostly from Raids or Arena. And the game offers a bunch of Sort options, mostly via each unit's stats…yet if you want to know which unit has their LB maxed out or not, there's no option for this sorting specifically, meaning again I have to go through every single one of them (I mostly use pots exclusively on NVs) and then do the fusing

6) Ability enhancement. For some reason you can select a unit, scroll (or tap) left and right to go through the list, however as soon as you awaken just one any ability, this feature just…disappears. Meaning if you want to select a different unit, you have to tap Back, since the arrows are gone. Why? Is it a bug that's been there forever and the devs nobody bothered to provide a fix? If it's an intentional design decision then… yeah, another example of weird shit

7) Trust Value growth rate. Not sure if this is an unpopular opinion, but I find it real silly how feeding dupes into a unit increases the Super Trust value by 50%, yet the rerular Trust value increases by only…5%. And that's just for the 5-star units and above. I'm pretty sure feeding 4-stars into themselves and below increases the value by maybe 1%, which makes the process really tedious and long. I guess the intent on Gumi's part here is Trust rewards being a long road you have to grind through (and yes I know that Trust also increases naturally over time via battles), but pulling 10-50 copies of exact same unit just for some horribly outdated equipment item (most of the time) doesn't exactly sound exciting. At least the Moogles are somewhat easy to obtain

8) A clearer Difficulty Level system. This might just be a "me" problem and not so much a "game" problem, but across many different events I've found that once you reach Difficulty 200 and above, the bosses spike so much in power levels that my units seemingly deal next to no damage, even if that same boss at Difficulty 175 is a cakewalk and goes down in just one turn despite applying exactly same tactics. The game already presents you with a combined Party Power Level before setting off on a quest, so perhaps events should display a minor warning if the PL doesn't quite meet the expected one to beat a stage?

9) "Set as Leader". No, really. Why does his button even exist? As far as I can tell, FFBE has nothing akin to Leader Skills seen in various other gachas, where the party lead applies various bonuses or boosts to all characters included, rending the "feature" useless

10) the Chain system is a little unclear. The way I understood it for the longest time is you have to pick and use skills that belong to same Families, which triggers a Chain and slowly increases the multiplier, which in turn also increases the damage dealt. However many times I noticed that even when casting spells or using skills from same Chain Families, sometimes the chain just breaks and resets back to 0. So what else matters? Do skills always have to be from same Elemental families? Or just inflict strikes at specific timings? Something else entirely? All of the above?

11) Inability to reset the turn. I know, bit of a silly complaint, but there were times when I tried sliding across a unit's frame to select the skills, only for the game to recognize my finger's movement as a singular tap, which meant the unit did a regular attack. Therefore to prevent such from happening, I kinda wish there was a button that just reset actions if you haven't issued a command to the whle party yet (to prevent abusing RNG and such)


I think that's it. If I remember anything else I'll probably just edit the post, but as of now these are some of the issues I have with FFBE that can mostly be fixed with very simple QOL changes, especially for a game that lasted 6 years


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