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Black Friday is coming this Friday! Let’s talk potential NVA units for fun

Content of the article: "Black Friday is coming this Friday! Let’s talk potential NVA units for fun"

Black Friday last year gave us…

  • Mastermind Xon
  • Doctor Aiden
  • Operative Zyrus and
  • Agent Olive

There is a POTENTIAL for them to get an NVA form this year. (Hopefully along with a banner similar to the one the Halloween units received!)

So it feels only natural to talk about some ideas for what we'd like to see in those NVA units' kits.

Here are some of my ideas for the NVA forms for the Black Friday units…. please feel free to give your ideas in the comments below!


  • I like fun, interesting, and OP units so I decided to design what I would like to see.
  • I came up with some design ideas I WOULD FIND attractive. Some of you will think my design ideas are preposterous. That's fine. Again, this is for fun.
  • I would LOVE to hear any other (constructive) ideas you may have!

Mastermind Xon

Base NVA Form

  • Projected Mirror cool-down reduced to 4 turns
  • LB Damage buff projection added to Projected Mirror and a new Magnus ability
  • General and type mitigation buffs can now be copied and projected
  • Elemental damage buffs can now be copied and projected.
  • Elemental/enemy-type mitigations can now be copied and projected.
  • Accuracy buffs can now be copied and projected.
  • Stacks of mirage can now be copied and projected/extended.
  • Magnus projection ability (Magnified Mirror) does everything Projected Mirror does except it also ADDS 100% to ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR buffs and ADDS 30% elemental resistance buff on top of each element's elemental buff and and +100% status ailment buffs to everything MM Xon copied… for 2 turns… other un-buffed buffs last 6 turns. 1 Explained more below
  • Big modifier increases for all support chaining skills.
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Brave Shift Form (Magic tank/Reflector/Magic Support Chainer)

  • Brave Shift sprite gets dressed up in a full suit of armor with a shield in the hand facing the enemies and a sword in the other hand
  • NEW – Innate 200% TKH (True Knight Hand) DEF/SPR. It acts the same as TDH and TDW… only it goes into effect when one hand has a weapon and the other hand has a shield…. that's considered True Knight Hand.
  • He would have the same Reflector Skills as Base Form
  • Add an on-demand Magic Cover Tanking skill with general mitigation and type mitigation for 4 turns.
  • Magic/Hybrid support-chaining (with quad and t-cast) for CWA, CW, Disorder, AZ, Tornado, BS (again), AR (again). SR (again).
  • DEF/SPR-scaling (physical type) Hybrid damage for AR, BS, and SR.
  • SPR-scaling (physical type) Magic damage for CW, CWA, Tornado, AZ.
  • Can designate another ally to be a magic cover tank or physical cover tank on-demand for 3 turns if necessary.
  • Xon's BS LB = 100% revives all allies if KO'ed, adds auto-revive to all allies for 5 turns (Non-dispellable), adds 60% general mitigation, 3 stacks mirage, and 60% magic mitigation to all allies for 5 turns.

1 – (Example of what I mean for the Magnifying Mirror skill
If a 300% ATK buff is copied and projected, it would be projected as a 400% ATK buff for 2 turns. If a 100% resistance to fire buff is projected and copied it becomes a 130% resistance to fire buff for 2 turns and if a 100% status ailment protection buff is copied and projected, it become a 200% protection buff so status ailments cannot be inflicted even when imperiled or when Shortcake is not equipped… then the buffs go back down to 300% ATK and 100% fire resist and 100% status ailment resist respectively for 4 turns after the first 2 turns.)

Doctor Aiden

Base NVA Form

  • Automatically Casts auto-revive and 5000 HP barrier on entire party at the start of battle or when Dr. Aiden is revived.
  • Can triple-cast all skills with unl-ockable quad-cast.
  • Learns Dispelga
  • Gains skill which gets rid of buffs from all enemies and adds a quad mirage stack to all allies.
  • Can on-demand give 3 stacks of mirage to all allies as part of triple or quad casts.
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Brave Shift Form (Breaker/Healer/elemental resistance)

  • Brave shift form is Dr. Aiden dressed in a white suit and hat.
  • Remove buffs from all enemies and break all enemies by 84% to all stats.
  • On-demand 80% all elemental resist and 3 stacks mirage to all allies for 3 turns
  • Imperil 130% light to all enemies add light element to all allies.
  • Still has a lot of his other skills in his base form at his disposal.

Agent Olive

Base NVA Form

  • A LOT Moar chaining power!

Brave Shift Form (The new lightning-element Tifa)

  • Brave shift sprite is Olive in a Snoopy-style airplane which her cannon transformed into… her cannon would be sticking out the front of the plane.
  • Boosts own LB damage by 300%
  • Can fill own LB with one skill
  • Can imperil 130% all enemies and imbue self with lightning (or not)
  • LB – Breaks DEF by 80% to all enemies, deals 100x physical damage with 50% ignore DEF to all enemires. (1 Hit – 25 LB crysts to fill gauge)

Operative Zyrus

Base NVA Form

  • 300% dragon killer buff to self
  • Bigger imperils
  • Moar power

Brave Shift Form (Flexible LB magic damage nuker)

  • Brave shift sprite – Zyrus magically transforms himself into a dragon still holding his rod/staff.
  • Can buff his LB damage by 300%
  • Can fill his LB to full
  • Can imbue self with earth element and imperil all enemies by 130% earth
  • LB = 1-hit MAG-scaling physical type magic damage to all enemies. 100x with 50% ignore SPR
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  • I realize it's only been a year since the Black Friday units were first released so it's possible we don't get any of these as NVA this year. We may end up getting Kingdom Hearts.
  • Again, this is for fun and it's my personal preference to receive NVAs of these units I designed over KH units.
  • I challenge you to please feel free to offer your ideas instead of your criticism or cynicism! (Although I'm sure some of you will not be able to resist!) XD
  • Have a great week!


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