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Chain Update: Virtually all skills have their cast delay forcefully changed to 39 frames

Cast delay update

This change didn't happen during last major update (6.0.0), since it was found a few days before that. My guess is that it happened during movement update. Both GL and JP versions are affected.

Basically, no matter what cast delay a skill is set to, it will always stay fixed at 39 frames. Gumi can stop wasting their time attempting to change cast delay of CWA/BS skills, it makes absolutely no difference now.

I say virtually because there are 2 instances where it can differ:

  • A skill with motion set to 1, 8, 9, 10, or 11, which is the normal or predefined attack animation. If the animation is longer than 39 frames, then it will wait until it's finished before it continues casting. In general this motion is pretty rare, and certainly not used on any chain family.
  • Example: Radiant Lightning's Sparkstrike II (and other strike II), or NV Zile's imbue skill.

  • Whenever a CG appears, your cast delay is added by 1 frame. This is affecting everyone in party and it is only added to your next cast that is currently being queued. Note: This delay is different than the known CG/animation delay, which is still affecting caster only.

  • Example: If you are casting Bolting Strike x3, without CG it would be Cast > 39 > Cast > 39 > Cast. If CG appears after the first cast and before the second, it will change the delay to Cast > 40 > Cast > 39 > Cast.


Maximum frame tolerance to perfect chain

Changes to cast delay will change most family as well, see below for changes to their max frame tolerance on popular chain families when multicasting.

Name Previous Current
Bolting Strike 4 5
Chaos Wave Awakened 3 6
Stardust Ray 4 3
Absolute Mirror of Equity 5 5
Absolute Zero 3 3
Aureole Ray Dual 1 1
Aureole Ray Triple 1
Avalanche Kick 6 2

You can see the rest on Chaining page on wiki. The rest of the page is also updated with this new info. In general most major family sees improvement or unchanged, with the exception of Stardust Ray.

Remember how I proposed changes to old CWA to have 39 frames cast delay, well now they are forced to be that, haha. CWA went from a shit chain to literally one of the easiest one.

Other changes

  • Aloha Lasswell's 7★ LB has been reverted to walking from idle. His lower rarity doesn't have this issue.
  • Most linked frames (multiple chain frames in one skill) no longer matches their actual multicast counterpart because of this changes, though there aren't many to begin with. If gumi isn't updating them, I'll remove them from chain families soon.
  • Wiki will no longer parse "(!)" for mismatched cast delay starting from this week.
  • With the death of old CWA and MC, it's time for their name to be merged to Chaos Wave Awakened.
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Movement update

The movement update didn't just change how moving skill works, it also changed the length of the movement. Before the update, the distance between you and the target will determine the length of your movement. After the update, this length is fixed. Unit close to target will slow down their movement, while unit further to target will speed up, converging at the same time. Example: Two dupe units with a walking normal attack, when both are pressed with 0 frame gap, they will always spark no matter where they are slotted.

However, the movement length is not tied to your frame rate. Most of FFBE logic are tied to the frame rate, capped at 60 FPS (frames per second). If your game is running at 60 FPS, it will run at 100% speed. If your game is lower than 60 FPS, then it will slow down accordingly. 30 FPS game is running at half speed.

With the length not being tied to the frame rate, the amount of frames it take for the movement to complete will differ based on your current FPS. At 60 FPS, it takes 11 frames for walk, and 14 frames for warp. I've tried capping my FPS to 20 and it takes 4 frames for walk. This number is consistent and reproducible.

FPS is only taken into account while moving, which takes approximately 0.183 seconds to finish, plus minus how long it takes to render 1 frame. For all of my tests, I'm using Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and PC (AndApp). In most cases, they are locked at 60 FPS unless I cap them. After playing the game for some time or having it run in the background, resetting the game/phone will make it run smoother. If you are not using tablet, PC, or newer phone, you might not cap your FPS. Android emulator is infamous for being sluggish, so don't expect to cap with that. Magnification, auto clicker, or other app might also affect your FPS when the unit is pressed. The difference of walking length between 20 FPS and 60 FPS is 7 frames, enough to break any chain.

Pseudo families

Dancing Mad

  • User: Archmage Kefka, Strago, Draconian Princess Fina
  • Unlike 2 other families below, this is idle. There is no variation even with unstable FPS.
  • This is a GLEX family based on old CWAx3. It doesn't exist on JP client.
  • I'm worried that Faris will have a skill based on old CWAx4. Because it will not chain with new CWAx4.

Chaining DM with new CWAx3

  • Even though their frames don't match, you can still chain them together, just far more difficult.
  • Unit position matter, put DM on later position (lower priority).
  • Press CWAx3 followed by DM, you have 1 frame tolerance, you either tap at 0fr or 1fr gap, otherwise it'll break.
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Chaining DM with DM

  • They are literally old CWAx3. 3 frames tolerance.

Protector's Bayonet

  • User: Charlotte & Physalis, Radiant Lightning, Savior of Souls Lightning, Untamed Wolf Edel
  • This is a moving chain, so there will be a variation if you have unstable FPS. Example below are taken with 60 FPS.

Chaining PB with new BSx3

  • Even though their frames don't match, you can still chain them together, just more difficult.
  • Unit position doesn't matter.
  • On optimal chaining condition (60 FPS, 0fr gap) the chain will always break. Video example.
-4 -3 -2 -1 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5

Chart above shows possible gap when tapping PB in relation with BSx3. For example +5 means you tap PB 5 frames after BSx3.

Chaining PB with PB

  • They are a modified version of old BSx3 plus movement. 4 frames tolerance. Imperfect chain possible.

Pseudo AMoE

  • Onion Knight -Neo Vision- and Sora have a different frame on GL compared to JP.
  • There are many variations with this frames, and not a single one of them reached 3 users, so no family yet.
  • This is a moving chain, so there will be a variation if you have unstable FPS. Example below are taken with 60 FPS.
  • Frames listed below have CG animation delay added, but not CG movie delay (2 frames), or movement (up to 11 frames).

Onion Knight -NV-, Sora (KHIII)

Fina & Dark Fina, Infernal Fire Rain

Akstar & Cleome

Lasswell & Raegen

Lasswell -NV-

Savior of Souls Lightning

Chaining Pseudo AMoE with new AMoEx3

  • Even though their frames don't match, you can still chain them together, just more difficult.
  • Unit position doesn't matter.
  • If you add up Lightning's frame, then add 2 frames for CG movie delay, then add 11 frames for movement, you will get perfect match with AMoEx3. With CG turned on, your cast delay for first cast is 40 as well. So technically if you tap with 0fr gap, you will see 2/3 of your hits sparks right? Well technically true, but it'll break because of the spark chain order, and you can't change that because it's moving. Video example. Always turn off your CG limit burst display.
-3 -2 -1 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5

I'm using Fina & Dark Fina, Infernal Fire Rain version. The rest can be derived by adding or substracting their delay based on their first hit. Sora has 12fr longer frame, so +1 to +5 would become -11 to -7 (As in tap Sora 11fr earlier than other unit).The chart looks very similar to PB, except that it's 1 frame harder. On optimal chaining condition (60 FPS, 0fr gap) the chain will always break

Chaining Pseudo AMoE with Pseudo AMoE

  • Take note of their first frame delay and last frame delay.
  • First frame delay shows you how long you need to wait before tapping. Higher value should go earlier.
  • Unit position will matter if the first frame is identical but the last frame isn't. If positioned incorrectly, last hit will break when sparked.
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Throwing Coins

Those new throwing coins will have the same frame (and idle) as triple AMoE, SR, and BS. The problem is if they use older frames instead of newer one. They will still be possible to chain, but harder:

  • Old BSx3 with new BSx3 will have 3 frames tolerance, instead of 5.
  • Old SRx3 with new SRx3 will have 2 frames tolerance, instead of 3.
  • Old AMoEx3 with new AMoEx3 will have 3 frames tolerance, instead of 5.
  • Unit position matter, put coins on later position (lower priority).

Easy method for counting frames

There is an easy method for anyone to count frames manually. You know when a unit has brave shift available, their portrait has lightning border? It updates once per frame, so 60 times per second at 60 FPS. If you don't see it updating, then the game is freezing.

To count frames, record the game with a 60 FPS video. Emulator's built-in recording is usually 30 FPS, so don't use them. Once recorded, play it back on any video player that allows you to move forward frame by frame. Then simply count them. If you see the lightning border is not updating, then that frame shouldn't be counted, keep moving forward until you see it change.

Chain mod boost

Chain mod boost increases your mod while you're chaining. They are added on top of your current chain modifier. Since there is no such thing as chain 0, it doesn't work on the starting hit. It works only for the user, and not party member. There are 2 versions:

  • Chain mod boost (normal) works on normal chain and normal chain sparked.
  • Chain mod boost (elemental) works on elemental chain and elemental chain sparked.

Even though elemental chain is also considered normal chain in-game, for the purpose of this effect, they are separate. Both effects are mutually exclusive, you either proc one or the other.


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