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Chaining is where skill comes into play and is the core of the game

Content of the article: "Chaining is where skill comes into play and is the core of the game"

I saw a post about having an auto chain button in-game, many asking on the discord about autoclickers, and I myself being recommended to use chaining macros.

While I do enjoy having thr convenience of one tap to get delicious spark chains, I believe that it takes away from the experience of the game and how it somewhat balances players in the game.

For reference, I am a F2P veteran player (played since day one), but took a two year break. My downfall over time was not knowing how to chain. Despite pulling the past king Orlandeau, I simply couldn't chain for the life of me and it became a major roadblock for clearing harder content. Fast forward to getting Veritas of the Flame, I simply could not time the finish which proved to be a roadblock once again.

The thing is, chaining needs practice. Practice can come over time, or if you want to run straw dummy 100 times, that too. If you're a whale with insane gear who doesn't know how to chain, versus an F2P who does, chances are the F2P can still come out on top in terms of clearing harder content. In my view, chaining is the core of the gameplay much more than trying to chase the best gear possible. Using macros, autoclickers, take away this core and leave the game a skeleton of numbers and the incessant thirst for the newest meta DPS.

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Also, the difficulty of certain chain families play a major part in how rewarding they can be. With the exception of BS, which many units can chain for high damage; Families such as AR, are highly rewarding if you pull it off. The high hit counts allows you to hit the chain cap with less units for maximum damage on finisher. AMOE is easier, with less hits but slightly more damage, etc. for all the others. Which comes back to my main point; Chaining is most central to gameplay.

I know many are going to disagree with me on this, but why else is there the chain requirement on DV? So that there are more challenges than just gearing, so that you are more involved in the fight rather than worrying about whether you remembered to gear your elemental resistances correctly.

Yes, chaining is frustrating. Autoclickers and chaining macros are tempting. But chaining is rewarding; And something that makes the constant grind just a little more exciting.

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EDIT: A lot of comments about hardware; Yep, technology issues are a bitch. I use a phone that doesn't register tap half the time and it's a pain in the ass to chain sometimes. At least we have our BS chains….


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