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Challenge of the Brave – Piercing Conviction – First turn kill – no STMR

Content of the article: "Challenge of the Brave – Piercing Conviction – First turn kill – no STMR"

This new challenge of the brave is a bit more tricky than the previous ones.

Some players think you need most of the released NV to be abble to clear it easily, here is my attempt to farm it, with a first turn kill. It's aimed toward players that have played for a few months as you need White Mage Rosa and SS Machina, that everyone got for free.

What you need :

  • Ignacio : With his TMR or STMR equipped and 2 skill enhanced, to imbue everyone with fire, buff ATK by 180 and imperil twice at 110%.
  • AoE LB Filler : The recent FF type-0 units or emperor Foo. Note that you will fail the no-death mission if you don't use Emperor Foo, but once the mission is done once using another method, that doesn't matter to farm the event. Ignacio and the 2 LB chainers need their LB bar filled.
  • White Mage Rosa : Equipped with dual wield, equip sword (from a chest in the ruins under Madam's Manor, if you missed it) and x2 swords. You can also use Jiraya's TMR to dual wield x2 katanas.
  • NV(A?) LB chainer : As long as their LB doesn't cost more than 40 shards if you use FF Type-0 units to fill the LB gauge; it doesn't matter with Emperor Foo. I used Cloud (FFVII remake), geared with stone killers and LB damage. My build uses no STMR. Limited time head slot, but anyone could have it if they bought the trust moogle from the MK shop then use it on a blank Moogle, like I did. Final stats for Cloud : 4266 ATK, 245% LB damage, 225% stone killer and LB lvl39.
  • NV(A?) friend to chain with : I used a freind with 3k ATK, 125% stone killer and 110% LB damage, LB lvl1.
  • Empty slot : Even with an empty slot, I couldn't figure another way to fill ignoacio and the LB chainer's LB bar without Emperor Foo or Type-0 units. It could be an esper orb filling unit like eCitra or eMorgana if you use Emperor Foo and miss esper orb filling equipment.
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Now, let's see the strat !

  • Emperor Foo or SS Machina fills the LB bars.
  • Ignacio triple casts : x2 Crush Stamp +1 on the Witt golem and its left arm (right side), that are both buffed with damage mitigation (You need to switch the target beween the 2 casts) then Forge Weapon – Flame Blast +2 to imbue everyone with Fire and buff ATK by 180%. This last skill requires 14 LB shards to be used.
  • White Mage Rosa casts Radiant Arrows on the boss to destroy his break bar. Do it after Ignacio is finished as you don't want to switch Rosa's target.
  • Once the break bar is depleted, you can LB chain. (Brave shift, then LB)

The flaw of this turn 1 kill strategy is that you need to switch targets to imperil 2 monsters and you can't reload every skills.

You first need to manually select and launch the LB filler skill, then reload to reload Rosa's and ignacio's skills. The LB will be also reloaded, but not the brave shift one, so you have to manually brave shift and select the LB for the 2 LB chainers.

I used on purpose a non-optimal friend unit and still did an overkill, so a Cloud with less gear should still manage to first turn kill it.


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