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Challenge of the Brave: VS Itachi – No Rosa/MM Xon Free and 4* units 4TK (no friends)

Content of the article: "Challenge of the Brave: VS Itachi – No Rosa/MM Xon Free and 4* units 4TK (no friends)"

Hi Everyone,

It's been a while, sorry for the break in my videos (surgery and stuff).

I wasn't sure what I could bring to the table after being so far behind on Itachi's VS, but I think I found a team that's pretty fun if nothing else.

Video Link:
Updated Video Link: (following my own advice)

I tried to make this as approachable as I could, use free gear, free units and 4* units. I think the bar is pretty low. Certain units could definitely be substituted for others, but with the gear and units I had to make a budget video, this is what I came up with. I hope you find it as fun to play as I did.

Disclaimer: This does use a limited unit, Illusionist Nichol. I know, he's limited, but Halloween is around the corner, so if you don't have him, definitely keep him on your radar. He's a fun unit.


Stylish Stewart Pecciotta

Why him? He's got ATK/MAG breaks though they aren't necessary at all for this build. Mostly I used him because he can use throwing weapons, has a dual cast, and has passive evasion and draw, as that's the build we're going to be using with him. In the video he's using a limited time weapon (GE-64). This is completely unnecessary I just put it on for the fire damage. Any throwing weapon will work instead.

Illusionist Nichol

Why him? He can give Pecciotta cover and his LB gives 2 stacks of mirage to the group. This only matters if you don't kill Itachi on the first burst after the shield is broken, but I geared him with enough LB fill to be able to LB every two turns (you only need 8 per turn).

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These two units together make it literally impossible for Itachi to hit your team. (Exception is her 50% damage fixed ability, but I really think you'll be okay. I never saw her use it.)

But Gwythian, Illusionist Nichol is limited! I know, I know. You can actually use Tyro to do BOTH jobs if you have the gear. I just felt like this was a little less gear intensive. But if you really want to do it with Tyro, he works (assuming you have the gear).


Yep good ol' 4* Ashe. Why? She can use katanas and has Barrage and anyone who starts the game in the last year or maybe more has her automatically. We're gonna throw dual wield and katanas on her.

Untamed Wolf Edel

Why her? She has SR chains to chain with Tifa, fire imperil and imbue, and a DEF break if the fight goes on long enough. She can also chain while maintaining her mana. Edel specifically is not necessary. Any triple casting SR chainer with a fire imperil would work for our purposes.


Yeah, yeah I know. She's NV and you can't get her for free anymore. But still, it wasn't THAT long ago that she was free. And we're not even using her LB for this kill. Use any SR chainer with enough damage. Tifa was just free.

So the fight is simple, 4 turns.

Pecciotta – Every turn just put 2 damaging attacks into Itachi for break purposes.

Illusionist Nichol – Alternate between putting cover on Pecciotta and casting his LB. (Helps with Tifa's mana)

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Ashe – Just Barrage

Untamed Wolf Edel – Use her CD and Fire imbue, then just chain use her MP back ability and fire imperil.

Tifa – Turn 1: 3x LB, Turn 2: 2x LB + ATK boost, Turn 3: Brave Shift DEF break + 2x SR chains, Turn 4: Chain with Edel to kill Itachi.

Update: I redid the video and updated the links in the post to show how it looks following my own advice.

You'll notice in the video I didn't quite do what I'm saying here. It's because I'm dumb and screwed up and it still worked. So I feel like this works as a general guideline. If you can't kill her in one go around, you can just do it again. Itachi literally can't hit you as long as you keep the cover and 2 stacks of mirage up.

Video Link:
Updated Link:

Hope you like the build, I had some fun with it. Happy Halloween early. (Get your Illusionist Nichol!)


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