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Coming back to the game after a long time.

Content of the article: "Coming back to the game after a long time."

Hello everyone.

This might be long but as you can see from the title its been such a long time I haven't played the game nearly over a year to be exact and i just missed the game tbh, came back to find out about these new Neo Vision units and things are pretty much complicated! Lots of new events and things to do and i literally almost used 30 tickets to summon so many new units not to mention the other items/materials i got and its not like i was that good at the game before i could barely finish main game story not until i won "Raegen" back when he first came out and i already have him to level 6 and i still haven't been able to get him to level 7 cause i don't have a copy of him and i have other 2 units that are level 7 i have in my party which is good i guess but idk where to start that i came back to the game, each time i login im confused cause..

  1. idk if the items and abilities I'm using for my units are that good and events are hard that i cant get my hands on amazing items.

  2. I have over 500 units which makes hard to arrange them like i tried removing some useless units but just removing 30 took too long cause idk what to keep and what not to keep.

  3. I recently won Neo Vision Cloud and 2 Neo Vision Aerith units and im completely clueless on how to get them to EX+1 or something.

  4. Lots of events and exchange items and lots of things to buy/get and idk whats important and what's useless and idk how to collect most of the exchangeable items/ tickets.

  5. i know im probably way too weak for bosses i think the highest difficulty i could do of the raid event (The Valkyrie boss) was 50 but the next difficulty my units could barely scratch him and some other events i did I was immediately one shotted and yeah my account still level 45.

  6. I want to make my party stronger but its not as easy, im low on the knowledge of what elements my units have, what works against this boss and that boss, want to take my unit "Raegen" to level 7 but don't know where to get his prism and stuff like that.

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I still have so many points i wanna mention but those are the main ones and i already typed so much into this, trying to keep it as short as possible. Im trying to go back into the game but im looking if anyone could provide me some advice to make things a little simple for me and another point to mention that all my Espers are level 40 but im kinda way behind in the story cause the main story quests are way too easy for my units, My party power is 37088. I would really appreciate the help, thanks in advance.


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