Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Compilation of JP TMR/STMR upgrades

***Made edits and corrections in italicized. Added Chronicle upgrades. Thank you everyone!

Only found these so far, let me know if I missed or messed up something. Sorted by latest to earliest

Dark Knight Cecil

  • TMR Deathbringer: 180 ATK DARK Great Sword with 50% Human Killer
  • STMR Poop still 100% TDH and 20x Mod to DKC's Darkness


  • TMR Brotherhood: 180 ATK WATER Sword with 50% Beast killer
  • STMR Dream of the Fayth: Increase esper's bonus stats from 50% to 100% and LB gauge fill rate 150% (unchanged)


  • TMR Lion Heart: 167 ATK 2H Great Sword with 50% Human Killer
  • STMR A Lion’s Heart: Increase LB damage from 55% to 60% and Increase LB gauge 3

BM Vivi

  • STMR from 172 MAG to 180, some irrelevant mod upgrades I think "BM vivi's STMR boost firaga, blizzaga and thundaga modifier by 5x, which is a huge increase for both 7 Vivi and NV vivi reflect strat. Any -ga spells in JP are now in CWA frame, and upon being reflected when casted by both NV vivi and BM vivi, they will become tag attacks and have 20% bonus dmg. Of course, they need new Steiner for the 4 stacks of reflect." -* u/sahara_dmx
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  • TMR now 200% innate LB fill. Live is 200% lb fill active for 3 turns
  • SMTR Gun gets 50% machine killer, ATK still low at 166

Kimono Ayaka

  • TMR Ayaka’s Kimono: 20% more Light Res (50% total) and 40% more Esper Bonus stats (50% total)
  • STMR Ayaka’s Hairpiece: +2 Lb gauge (4 Total per turn) and 50% more Esper Bonus stats

Kimono Fina

  • TMR Lotus Bow: added Increase magic damage against avians (50%)
  • STMR Fina’s Kimono: added Increase magic damage against avians (75%)


  • TMR Moonblade: TMR 150 ATK/MAG DARK Sword
  • STMR The Subs: from 80% to 100% ATK/MAG, 2000 fixed damage to caster


  • STMR Ignition Axe: 2H FIRE Axe from 170 ATK to 201


  • TMR Genji Gloves: from 10% ATK/MAG to 40%, Added 40 ATK/MAG


  • STMR Butt’s Blade: 50% more plant/beast killer

Not TMR/STMRs but couldn’t find any info on Mace of Zeus, Thunderbolt FFXV, Attacker, Defender, Thunderfall.

In conclusion, some really good upgrades. Those TMR weapon changes are insane with the killers.

TMR/STMR Chronicle boosts:

*Needs to be grinded


  • Save The Queen -> Save The Queen II: 175 Atk, 145 Spr, +50% LB Fill rate, Beatrix: +2000HP +500Atk +500 Spr

CP Noctis

  • Ultima Weapon (FFXV) -> Ultima Weapon +4: +100 MP +234 Atk, +50% LB damage, +350 Atk and +50%Jump damage for Noctis/Ardyn Variants
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CG Zidane

  • Ultima Weapon (FFIX) -> Ultima Weapon +4: 206 Atk, +50% EQ Atk when Dual Wielding, Zidane: +50% LB Damage, +400 Atk, +3LS/T

My Wishlist:

Chair Lasswell

STMR True Lightning Blade: Katana. from 180 ATK to 190 ATK, Modifiers to all AMOE abilities +5x

Chair Rain

STMR True Crimson Saber: Great Sword. from 174 ATK to 190 ATK, 50% TDH, +5x Modifier to Extreme Nova Lb's(can Alim/Gumi do this)

CG Dark Fina

STMR True Empress Birch: Whip. from 172 MAG to 190, 100% mTDH and 50% mTDW, 50% MAG when equipped to any Fina Unit

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