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Confirmed Bug (NV Unit shows incorrect EX level)

Content of the article: "Confirmed Bug (NV Unit shows incorrect EX level)"

TLDR: An NV Unit EX level might display as EX0, make sure you know what you are doing with your hard work earned NV EX Awakened Units!

So last night I was trying to use NV Madam Edel for Dark Vision but could not find my Ex2 copy. Looked for her everywhere, adjusted filters, looked in expeditions, etc and was not able to find her, but 2 EX0 copies in my inventory. Restart the game, no change. Send a ticket to support. Post this on Reddit and got downvoted and laughed at (sort of). Not mad at all, seeing lots of this kind of posts in the past.

This morning when I woke up, checked support and of course there is only a reply saying 48 hours respond time. Looked at my inventories and my EX2 madam Edel is back! Turned out I have 1 EX2 and 1 EX0 and the EX2 was changed to EX0 yesterday and somehow changed back. Fine, as long it is still there.

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Dinner time and opened the game, support finally replied and told me I have and always have 1 copy of Ex2 and 1 copy of Ex0. (Screenshots with translation here

Decided to take a look at my inventory and guess I was really "Lucky", the EX2 changed to EX0 again. I immediately took screenshots:

Tried to brave shift it and was told you cannot do it before EX1

Realized the screenshots are all in Traditional Chinese, I decide to change display language to English and see if the bug is still there, but no, after re-download some 125mb data, she was changed back to EX2:

As you can see in the pictures, her stats were not affected, same TMR%, STMR%, I was given the option to further awakening her to EX1 (did not try it because I definitely need her for this DV). If I was in a hurry to get the Transcension Pearl, I could have converted her into shards and pearls if not careful enough, or awaken her to Ex1 and only Gumi knows what is going to happen from there. It seems like the old STMR bug when 7 star was the thing (sometimes units already received STMR will show 0% but is actually only a display bug, it is actually 100%).

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I sincerely hope I am the only one who had this issue. I have submitted another ticket to report this bug but since this does not seem to benefit the player in anyway, I doubt they will even bother looking at it.

This is all.


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