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CoW Feedback and Ideas

So, Gumi claims CoW was in beta, and may still be in beta for some undisclosed amount of time. They also said they wanted feedback. So I just thought I'd throw my thoughts and ideas here, tag Justin in a comment on this thread (seriously, why does Reddit not notify when they are tagged in a post?), and see if any of it gains traction.

I will break this up into two sections. The first will be focused on feedback of the current CoW. The second will be ideas for future ones.


Generally speaking, CoW has some solid points that made it enjoyable:

  1. Needing to build only one team and then tweak them as I went along
  2. Having a separate 'energy source' for doing the quest was also nice
  3. Customization of the boss
  4. Morale buffs by moving the gauge (active and passive ones seen by clicking on the morale bar)
  5. Fewer parameters to be scored on than DV

But there were also a lot of issues:

  1. Bugs – sure, this is "beta", but come on… some of these should have been noticed immediately in testing (ha, who am I kidding? gumi testing?)
    1. Espers disappearing
    2. Starting morale gauge not working with non multiples of 3 ex levels
  2. Needing all EX+3 units
    1. Yeah, I understand Gumi wants to sell units, but this was a high barrier even for some lower end whales
  3. It felt like just another DV burst as hard as you can in one turn

Overall, I did enjoy doing it, but if Gumi maintains things the way they are CoW will get stale fast.

Future Ideas:

And this is where we hope to address some things above.

Reduce the EX level requirement:

The most important thing here: at a minimum, reduce the max EX level requirement down to 15 from 18. This would still require someone to have multiple EX+3 units, but provide some flexibility for those that don't have every unit at EX+3. I'd honestly like to see it reduced to 12 (full team of EX+2), but that may be asking for too much. I do, however, like the concept of EX levels controlling how many active buffs you can have. I understand others don't because it's "whale" territory, but this also forces out unusual teams like Sinzar using Physalotte and UW Edel. Seriously, who would have thought to use UW Edel except for the fact that she was EX+3?

New Fight Ideas

Now on to the "just another DV". Variety is the spicy of life, right? So make the scoring for each CoW change. Here are some ideas:


In this mode the goal is to not die. The NPC will do a lot of damage and you need to survive while still killing the boss.

Things to score on:

  1. Number of deaths
  2. Most damage mitigated in one turn
  3. Turns taken over 10

Potential modifiers for the fight:

  1. Reduce healing done by your team
  2. Increase boss stats (HP/ATK/MAG/DEF/SPR)
  3. Reduce own units resistances

Save the NPC

In this mode you are required to heal an NPC up to full health which takes up your 6th party slot. They have omni cover (the boss will have some abilities that bypass it so your team takes damage) and you have to keep the NPC healed and kill the boss. The fight ends when the boss is dead.

Things to score on (not all need to be implemented, just giving ideas):

  1. Most healing done in 1 turn
  2. Final NPC health (maybe they have a huge HP pool that is hard to fill)
  3. Turns taken over 10 (like the previous CoW)

Potential modifiers for the fight:

  1. Reduce healing done by your team
  2. Increase boss stats (HP/ATK/MAG/DEF/SPR)
  3. Reduce NPC's stats
  4. Increase own mana costs for restoration spells

Wave Battle

This one things are changed up a little. The goal here is to get through as many waves of enemies as possible, similar to boss rushes. This one will probably be disliked due to having multiple waves of enemies making fights take longer, but it's still something to consider. Each echelon level will add some # of waves of enemies. Wiping does not "lose" the fight, but just simply ends the wave and you are scored based on where you die.

Things to score on:

  1. # of waves completed
  2. Healing done (start at max, reduce per amount of healing done)
  3. Max chain
  4. Limit Bursts used (start at max, reduced per LB used over 6)

Potential Modifiers for the fight:

  1. Same ones used for morgana


I'm sure there are dozens of other things they can do. This was just to give some potential examples of things they should consider so CoW doesn't just turn into a bland old "how hard can I burst for max score" DV clone. This would also have people pulling for and EX+ing DIFFERENT units than just the highest damage unit out.

And lower that EX level requirement for full modifiers. This will let us experiment with different units. Maybe there's a 7* unit that can really shine in this mode who isn't MM Xon.


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