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Creating FFBE Characters for DND 5e Part 15: The Coeurl Rider and Android (Nalu and Regina)

Welcome back to another “Creating FFBE Characters for DND 5e”! This week I decided to mix it up with some more unique non-GLEX units: Nalu and Regina! Nothing really to get into this week, so let’s get started:

Character #1: Nalu

Google Sheet

PDF Link

Race: Variant Human

Class: Ranger 16 (Beast Master)

Background: Outlander

Alignment: Chaotic Good

+5 +1 +2 +0 +3 -1
(20) (12) (14) (10) (16) (8)

To be honest, this week I was struggling with figuring out who I’d build. But as I was looking through my units (as I normally do when I’m stumped on builds), I saw Nalu and immediately thought I’d do her since she’s a class I don’t normally do, the Ranger. And as she’s a Coeurl Rider, I went with Ranger. However, as many of you know, the problem with Ranger is how underpowered it is compared to everything else. So I broke one of my rules in designing these builds and used the Optional Class Features from TCoE. I should note though that I didn’t use all of them, mainly I didn’t add in most of the “Additional Class Features,” merely using the optional ones that replace main features. As she’s a Beast Master, she’ll have her Primal Companion be, well, a Coeurl. I built her somewhat for mounting said Coeurl, but I realized she can’t do so due to rules, but with Conjure Animals she can summon a single CR2 creature and, with that, pick a Saber-Toothed Tiger and mount that instead (which she’ll want to do for better damage). Note that if she summons and mounts the Saber-Toothed Tiger, she could then still command her Primal Companion to attack as well. Unfortunately, as Conjure Animals is Concentration too, she might not want that if she wants to use Favored Foe instead for increased damage (choosing between Mounted Combat and Advantage versus Favored Foe and more damage). Her Primal Companion also is a decent damage-dealer for when she wants to command it to attack instead of using Polearm Master. Ideally, her turns are spent dealing damage more than anything, but she can cast spells as needed. For damage she’ll rely upon knowing whether to use her Bonus Action for spells, or to have her Primal Companion attack instead, depending entirely on the situation. There’s a lot to consider here unfortunately, largely due to her being a Ranger (anything like a Druid wouldn’t work well). Anyways, onto her personality details (which might be lackluster as she doesn’t have a story appearance/event):

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Personality Details:

  • I am a solitary Couerl Rider, defending my Domain from all who enter.
  • Like any other person who lives in the wild, I’m an orphan who doesn’t trust anyone civilized. Basically synonymous with Tarzan (and Yego).


  • Solitude. I refuse to trust anyone other than my partner, Est, after my parents died. All who enter my domain are unwelcome.
  • Partnership. Est and I share an unbreakable bond, working together to protect our home.


  • My parents died when I was young. Since then, I can never trust anyone other than Est.
  • Est, my Coeurl, is my closest and only friend, patrolling our corner of the Quicksand Valley for any intruders.


  • The meta can’t stop me from defending my home. Not like anyone even visits, anyway…
  • While Est understands what I mean by saying “Meow Meow,” other Coeurls act insulted and attack me. How am I supposed to understand an inferior species’ insults?

Character #2: Regina

Google Sheet

PDF Link

Race: Warforged

Class: Artificer 16 (Artillerist)

Background: Far Traveler

Alignment: Lawful Good

-1 +3 +2 +4 +2 +0
(8) (16) (14) (18) (15) (10)

I’d been planning on doing a Regina build for a while, but couldn’t nail it in my head. I knew Warforged was a guarantee, but the actual class was an issue. Eventually, I decided on doing Artificer, Artillerist specifically, based on looking at her gear. However, unlike other Artificer builds I’ve done, this time I went for Replicate Magic Item as I think it really enhances the build by integrating some of these items into her. She’ll want to use her Armblade in one hand and the Arcane Propulsion Arm in her other, using the Arcane Propulsion Arm more for flavor than actual utility (though it still helps). She’s tankier due to high DEX and CON, like most Artificers and especially Warforged, and she can use her Eldritch Cannon for more damage. She’s going to spend her turns on damage, but her spells also offer some utility and even more damage potential. I should note that I struggled on deciding alignment since, really, though she’s not aligned with the Empire, she’s still not that Chaotic. And, regrettably, I didn’t do the majority of her Story Event back in the day (I did some of it but then stopped for some reason. I didn’t play that much back then, unlike where I play it practically daily now), though I literally just found out in the process of making this that the wiki has a section dedicated to Event dialogue (which’ll help a lot). Anyways, onto personality:

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Personality Traits:

  • I am the only automaton of my kind, built with an advanced combat mode and a database filled with stories.
  • I am burdened with the glorious purpose (hope someone understands that reference. Just couldn’t use a simpler phrasing instead) of preserving myself for future generations.


  • Stories. My database is filled with numerous stories for all future generations to see.
  • Preservation. I must follow my task of preserving myself for the future of humanity.


  • My creator and formal master died after giving me all of her magic (and died pretty much just like Cid in FFVI, mind you, from what I gather. Right down to being fed fish only to be determined dead. I’m surprised Regina didn’t jump off a cliff).
  • My current companion, Krowa, powers me with his magic in exchange for hearing stories from my database.


  • Needing magic to power myself is an important plot point as a means to move Lasswell into becoming like S1 Rain.
  • My “tragic” backstory has a striking parallel to Celes’s (“parental” figure, dies of old age while “child” gets fish for them, entrusts said “child” with living life for themselves, etc.), much like other FFBE characters.

Parting Words

Well, that wraps it up for the week. I’ll start thinking of who to do for next week, but as always I’ll take any suggestions I get. Maybe I'll do a monster again since I've got more free time (for the moment, at least)? Apparently, as I said, the FFBE wiki has a “dialogue” section for Story Events which will really help out for characters that actually have ones. The main FF wiki is very incomplete when it comes to FFBE past Season 1(-ish), so I can’t rely upon it for story. But I’m glad I found out that exists. Anyways, as always check here for the Drive Folder, and I’ll see everyone next week! Thanks!

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