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Creating FFBE Characters for DND 5e Part 5: The Beta Star and Warrior of the Azure Crystal (Akstar and Elena)

Well, another week’s come and gone. Welcome back to another “Creating FFBE Characters for DND 5e”! I’ve been busy this week, so I couldn’t work on Chaotic Darkness even though I wanted to, but I did make 2 new character sheets, and decided to mix it up with which characters I did. As usual, I’ll add the link to the Google Drive folder at the bottom of the post, so look there for all of my previous work on this project, including my previous Reddit posts with my notes on everything and descriptions of builds. I just have two new notes today:

  1. We’ve officially passed Season 1’s characters, at least with what I plan for the most part (there’ll be exceptions), so from now on I’ll have to leave Age, Weight, and Height blank. This is because there’s no official given value for these, sadly.
  2. I’ve also had to use the Fandom Wiki and now SQEX’s Twitter accounts for images. Credit to them for the images, though it doesn’t matter much. Although I’m unsure if the Akstar image is official art or not, so if it isn’t, please let me know.

Anyways, let’s get started.

Character #1: Akstar

Google Sheet

PDF Link

Race: Variant Human

Class: Fighter 16 (Samurai)

Background: Mercenary Veteran

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

+5 +3 +3 +1 +0 -1
(20) (16) (16) (12) (10) (8)

These characters are single-class builds again. I thought Samurai fit best for Akstar since, you know. It’s worth noting that I based this upon the real Akstar, not Rain. However, I might still do Zeno later (I’m thinking of doing variant versions for a few characters since some completely change fighting styles in different iterations). To start, I built Akstar a bit more tanky, which is only natural due to him being a Fighter. I did have to give him Shortswords instead of Longswords, however, simply to support his Dueling build. I know Longswords are the suggestion for katanas but for this case, Shortswords fit the build much better. Ideally, Akstar spends his turns doing exactly what he’s built for, damage. You’ll just want to keep on pouring out the melee damage with him. I chose Mercenary Veteran as well for his background, kind of reminiscent of how he was portrayed in Season 2 (or rather how Rain was). I also chose Lawful Neutral, as he isn’t evil at all, rather he isn’t good either as I see it. He operates on his own whims, yet also at the same time obeys any laws and such, so he’s the textbook definition of Lawful Neutral to me. Other than that, there’s nothing much to discuss about this build, as the only other thing he has is Martial Adept to boost damage.

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Now, onto personality details:

Personality Traits:

  • Why does everyone insist on trying to call me master!?
  • I’m a skilled warrior, determined to be as strong as I can.


  • Power. Learning the most powerful skills I can, such as the Guiding Mirror of Equity, is my goal.
  • Teaching Lasswell the Guiding Mirror of Equity. Wait a second…


  • People keep insisting I’m Rain from the future. Even babies refuse to accept that I’m not Rain.
  • Everyone wants to call me Master and refuses to accept otherwise but I want to be called “daddy” by them instead! (Side note: what have I done? Now I can’t stop thinking about what horrible things I have wrought about, especially when I realized Cleome exists. Well, guess it’s time to bleach my very existence!)


  • I’m not Rain. Not sure why that’s a flaw though.
  • I suffer from an incurable illness that only comes up about once or twice in the plot.

Character #2: Elena

Google Sheet

PDF Link

Race: Variant Human

Class: Warlock 16 (Hexblade)

Background: Folk Hero

Alignment: Lawful Good

+4 +1 +2 +0 -1 +4
(18) (12) (14) (10) (8) (18)

This week I decided to mix it up with one of FFBE’s GLEX Units: Elena. I wasn’t really in the mood for who I’d planned to make, Physalis or Sol. So I looked through my roster and decided on doing Elena. I’d also considered some variant characters, so I’m thinking of making Awakened Rain at some point too since that could be cool (I’m thinking Monk with maybe a 1-level Fighter dip for Swords). At first, I’d built Elena as an Eldritch Knight Fighter 14/War Magic Wizard 2. Then as I was transcribing the Google Sheet, it hit me. I’d completely ignored the fact that Hexblade exists! So I completely rebuilt her as a pure Hexblade. Now, parts of this don’t work for her character, but I thought Warlock could work due to her connection to the Azure Crystal, especially with her Astraea. I did balance STR and CHA, though she could go full CHA if she wanted as I’m realizing. I also had to add Shortswords to her, but that’s fine. Ideally, she spends her turns dishing out damage. She’ll use her Curse on a target, kill it, then continue. She can deal either melee or magical damage, like how she is in-game. I’ve also built her for two-weapon fighting, similarly to NV Elena, though she can also use a single weapon if desired. War Caster and Dual Wielder help her to fight while still holding weapons, and despite her low bulk she can still buff herself with spells like Mage Armor. She can potentially use Eldritch Blast as well for massive amounts of damage, much like Dark Fina could.

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Now, for her personality traits. Note that I didn’t do her initial Story Event (I had the game, I just didn’t play much past logging in until the last batch of Esper units), so apologies for any inconsistencies:

Personality Traits:

  • I’m the heroine of a popular graphic novel series that probably isn’t based on a real-life story. Probably.
  • Unlike some of the other GLEXTM units, I’m not just a Japanese stereotype because it’s popular in the west.


  • Greater Good. I strive to protect everyone as a Knight of Grandshelt^TM. Wait what’s Grandshelt?
  • Lapis. It’s my ideal because like it or not it’ll cost a lot to pull for me. What, you don’t want to be #1 in Dark Visions? (Meanwhile I pulled her off as single ticket after 2 pulls and I didn’t go for the free one, but let’s not talk about that)


  • My best friend is a blue rock. No, it’s not a piece of Lapis. It’s a blue rock that turns into a sword. Or two.
  • I’ve befriended the perfect stereotype of what Gumi thinks its players want. Japanese Samurai gamers. The perfect human being, am I right?


  • My story is likely to be abandoned like any other GLEX. Plus they killed Elmaul (he is the one who’s writing Fundamental Forces in-game, yes?), so there’s that.
  • If I’m not disregarded, likely my next Unit version will be “Summertime Elena”! Isn’t that what the players want…?
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Parting Words

That’s it for today, I think. Here’s the link to the Google Drive folder with everything I’ve made so far. Next up, I’ll be working on Chaotic Darkness, as well as two undecided character sheets. Maybe some other GLEX if I can think of any? I’ll figure it out! Thanks for reading, and always please let me know if you’ve got any feedback. Thanks!


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