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Creating FFBE Characters for DND 5e Part 6: The Moon (Sol) and Chaotic Darkness

Another Friday, another “Creating FFBE Characters for DND 5e”! I’m prepping for Spring Break, which means I’m quite busy, so only one character this week, but I’ve also implemented various fixes to Chaotic Darkness. As always, check the Google Drive folder at the bottom of this post for everything related to this project (or, you know, just search the subreddit for “Creating FFBE Characters for DND 5e” and sort by new. I’m going to cut to the chase and get to Sol, if that’s alright.

Character Sheet: Sol

Google Sheet

PDF Link

Race: Variant Aasimar

Class: Cleric 16 (Trickery Domain)

Background: Far Traveler

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

+1 +2 +0 +2 +5 -1
((13) (14) (10) (14) (20) (8)

I decided on a single-class build for Sol. I couldn’t think of a class though, so I went with /u/DreamblitzX’s suggestion of either Cleric or Sorcerer. I decided on Cleric since Charisma would make sense as a dump stat for Sol, seeing as he’s “emotionless.” To me, Trickery Domain fit best from my options on DNDBeyond, and we have our first non-Variant Human character as I went with Variant Aasimar (I’d probably do Standard Aasimar but as I said, limited options since I’m a cheapskate and only buy in small bits and pieces until there’s a sale). Ideally, Sol of course spends his turns dishing out damage. He has some really good damage spells prepared, as well as some that I think fit him. He does have a decent AC like most Clerics. I chose Far Traveler similarly to the other heroes of Paladia. I was torn between Chaotic Evil and Neutral, and based on Season 2, I decided on Chaotic Neutral. Chaotic Good didn’t fit to me since he isn’t a hero under any circumstance, but he’s still not evil per se either, at least in Season 2. Sadly, Cleric doesn’t have access to a lot of Ice or Necrotic spells, which I’d definitely try to arm him with. But 7* Sol has some Fire spells so that’s what I tried to use. I took Spell Sniper for him and, of course, War Caster.

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Now, onto his personality:

Personality Traits:

  • I was once a powerful mage until I suffered amnesia (which doesn’t make sense since Heliarc’s only a 4* base while Sol is a 5* and a NV).
  • Emotions? What are those? Do you buy them at a Target or something? Maybe Trader Joe’s?


  • Negativity. I shall bring about the end of all that is by harnessing the power of ill wills to unleash Chaotic Darkness! No, this is different from Xehanort using the Unversed. That was an army born from negative emotions. Mine’s a giant monster born from ill wills. They’re completely different I tell you!
  • Rain. Rain is my greatest enemy because of the power of friendship! (Man I really sound like a Kingdom Hearts villain at this point, don’t I?)


  • I’m the only member of the Rain harem that isn’t a blonde girl from another world. Except for maybe Lasswell. Maybe.
  • My best friends are a racially-stereotyped Elf (must be evil since he’s dark-skinned), and a pair of monsters hell-bent on destroying all in their path (only one of which was my own creation).


  • I guess emotions are important or something? I wouldn’t know since I don’t have any.
  • I died in the worst way possible. But I guess being dead is a flaw in and of itself so, you know…
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Monster Stat Block: Chaotic Darkness version 1.3

PDF Link

PDF Link (previous version)

After a few weeks of putting it off, I’ve finally gotten around to fixing Chaotic Darkness’s stat block. This keeps the majority of its abilities, but makes several changes. I’ve adjusted several abilities to simply work in a radius around Chaotic Darkness (didn’t fix them all), reworded some things, changed the effects of certain abilities to make the damage a part of the saving throws, and also added saving throws at the end of each turn for a target afflicted with poison or blindness for two of its attacks. Still, CR is unbalanced, and there’s definitely some things I need to improve. So please, any advice is appreciated! I’m getting as much feedback as possible before I get started with the next version. Otherwise, enjoy!

Parting Words

Well, that wraps things up. This week’s was much quicker than usual, sadly. As always check here for the Google Drive folder with everything I’ve done so far. Next week, I won’t be making a post as I’ll be out with family throughout the week for spring break (specifically Wednesday and Thursday when I usually make the sheets through DNDBeyond and transcribe them onto Google Sheets). Otherwise, see you all in 2 weeks! As always, let me know if you’ve got any questions, comments, concerns, or feedback. Thanks!

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