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Creating FFBE Characters for DND 5e Part 8: The Veritas of the Earth and Heavens (for Real This Time) (Sieghard and Cid)

Another Friday, another day busier, but that won’t stop another day of new character sheets! Welcome back to another “Creating FFBE Characters for DND 5e”! This week I’m continuing with the Veritas, specifically the Earthlord and Heavenslord, none other than Sieghard and Cid! I figured I’d try to rectify the mistake last week (should’ve been Veritas of the Light, not Heavens) by making Cid this week, but on the bright side that’s how I figured out I’d continue the Veritas. Anyways, I won’t delay it any longer, so let’s get started!

Character #1: Cid

Google Sheet

PDF Link

Race: Variant Human

Class: Artificer 6 (Battle Smith)/Fighter 10 (Champion)

Background: Far Traveler

Alignment: Lawful Good

+4 +1 +0 +4 +2 -1
(8) (12) (10) (16) (14) (8)

Cid, being a Dragoon, was a challenge. I had to figure out a way to incorporate his jumps, which isn’t easy within 5e’s rules. So mechanically, he can be played with or without jumping, but I’ve built him to really excel at jumping. Basically, with Athlete, you’d ideally simply move 5 feet before jumping to wherever your target is, then attacking. With Charger, this is further incentivized. For Cid, one could move 5 feet with a Jump, then another 5 feet, then activate Charger as well as a normal attack. I picked Fighter for Cid to maximize his ASIs in order to do this build, plus Artificer seeing as Cid’s an inventor. He has spells like Jump or Catapult to further do jumps, too. With Athlete, Charger, and Polearm Master, Cid also excels at hitting with his spear as much as you want. Now, I would like to note that I chose CHA as his dump stat, but ideally it wouldn’t be in my opinion. To me he’s at least got average Charisma. I just couldn’t raise his other stats without taking one dump stat, and as CHA didn’t represent much in his build (WIS supports his genius), I chose that. Anyways, onto his personality details:

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Personality Traits:

  • I’m a genius inventor, designer of the Invincible (Side note: I’m thinking of a new Airship called the Millenium Falcon or something else. That’s my 100% original idea).
  • I am a Dragoon. Basically I just Jump and stab things with my spear.


  • Family. My entire personality revolves around finding my long-lost daughter and adopting another just because I felt like it.
  • Airships. My dream is to soar the skies in an airship of my own design (basically Lid just a guy and from 700 years before she was even born).


  • I’ve adopted some random girl and reunited with my long-thought dead daughter who became immortal just to see me again. And then Sieghard tried to copy me.
  • I recruited a tribe of dwarves (there were at least seven from what I remember) to build airships for me. Totally not just enslaving them.


  • Half my story revolves around simply telling Yego not to blow up.
  • Apparently I’m not one of the most powerful finishers in the game (see: FF wiki page. It’s so old Cid’s actually good according to it).

Character #2: Sieghard

Google Sheet

PDF Link

Race: Variant Human

Class: Paladin 16 (Oath of Devotion)

Background: Noble

Alignment: Chaotic Good

STR|DEX|CON|INT|WIS|CHA :- -:|:- -:|:- -:|:- -:|:- -:|:- -: +1|+5|+4|-1|+0|+2 (12)|(20)|(18)|(8)|(10)|(14)

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In-game, Sieghard is a Physical Tank. I tried to reflect that by making him a Paladin, and like Rain Devotion fit best to me (though Glory could also work). However, unlike Rain, Sieghard is purely a tank, with a high AC and high HP. He can deal damage, of course, but you’d want to play him so that he supports his allies as best as possible. With his reaction, he can support allies near him, and Devotion also helps with that. His damage cycle will pan out to be quite similar to Rain’s playstyle, but unlike Rain he doesn’t do anywhere near as much, especially because he’s got a Whip. There’s not much to Sieghard that stands out aside from tanking, and my decision to give him Noble reflecting his backstory. Onto his personality:

Personality Traits:

  • I am the most beautiful thing I know, or at least that’s all my personality revolves around.
  • Believe it or not, I do care for my comrades, though they’re not as beautiful as I am.


  • Beauty. Well obviously. Do I need to repeat the word a few more times to get it into your head?
  • Power. My goal is to defeat Dark Fina (look where that ended up).


  • I am the most beautiful member of the Sworn Six of Paladia.
  • I’m an effort to copy Cid so that I got more attention (not like I’m actually a caring person), I adopted two of the Stars as siblings.


  • Is beauty a flaw? Well, obviously not. I just thought I’d add beauty to this list one more time.
  • Apparently narcissism is a bad thing, but I don’t get it. Why doesn’t everyone else listen to me and accept that narcissism is good? The world revolves around me, doesn’t it?
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Parting Words

Well, that finishes it for the week. Next up I’ll probably finish the Sworn Six with Folka, but I don’t know who I’ll do secondly. Maybe Physalis or something? Maybe Gilgamesh for a full Sworn Eight? Any suggestions are appreciated. Be sure to check here for the Google Drive folder, and I’ll see you all next week!


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