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Creating FFBE Characters for DND 5e Part 9: The Veritas of the Waters and Frost (Folka and Gilgamesh)

It’s time for another “Creating FFBE Characters for DND 5e”! This time, I’m rounding off the Veritas with Folka and Gilgamesh! I’ll start off by preemptively saying that I did make these later in the week than usual, since I’ve been pretty busy this week (and I spent a couple hours on Wednesday trying to set up PPSSPP on my Chromebook, only to find out there was the much simpler solution of an app, and then finally getting Dissidia 012 to work). Anyways, I’ll get started:

Character #1: Folka

Google Sheet

PDF Link

Race: Variant Human

Class: Sorcerer 12 (Draconic Bloodline)/Bard 4 (College of Glamour)

Background: Sage

-1 +3 +1 +2 +1 +5
(8) (16) (12) (14) (12) (20)

For Folka, I’d initially built her as a Sorcerer/Cleric, but realized that would’ve meant making WIS half of her spellcasting mod instead of CHA. Ideally WIS would’ve been a dump stat, but between that and STR I picked the lesser of the two, one that would’ve been better mechanically instead of better for RP. Ideally I could’ve assigned 8s for both given Folka’s scatterbrained personality. Anyways, I changed over to Bard, which allowed me to put in two more levels of Sorcerer. Her Bard subclass, the way I see it, really didn’t matter that much, and I didn’t have many options. If she were leveled more, I’d pick Lore, possibly. I’m really not sure what I’d pick that fits her. But I tried to use Sorcerer for damage and Bard for Support/Healing, and since spell slots aren’t class-limited, she can do just that. Ideally, she dishes out damage through her spells, and can adjust them with Metamagic as needed. If she needs to heal, she can cast any of her healing spells at their starting level or higher. It doesn’t matter that Cure Wounds is level 1 and normally couldn’t go higher with her Bard level, she can cast it up to 5th level like any other multiclassing spellcaster. I should note that, like Nichol, I picked Draconic Sorcerer to represent her connection to Leviathan. I’d considered Divine Soul, but that’s for more healing than damage. I tried to balance both. I also picked Sage since she’s one of the original Priestesses of Olderion. Anyways, onto her character details:

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Personality Traits:

  • Oh, shoot. Where’d my wallet go? I had it attached to my wrist just minutes ago! What're we talking about again?
  • I killed my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great (am I the only one who thinks “great” seems like it’s spelled wrong the more I type it?) grandson and caused my (2… 3… 6…) infinity-times-great grandson to go down a path of revenge against me.


  • Reconciliation. I must make amends for all of my wrongdoings as the Veritas of the Waters.


  • I started an entire city, which I watch from afar.
  • My Infinity-times-great grandson, while seeking vengeance, became a master of seduction. Unfortunately he picked the loli.


  • How can it be incest if he’s only a distant descendent? Then I guess all relationships are incest unless it’s with someone from a different planet!
  • Who would’ve ever thought using forbidden Arcane hypnotism magic to create a murderous alter-ego would be a bad idea?

Character #2: Gilgamesh

Google Sheet

PDF Link

Race: Variant Human

Class: Fighter 16 (Eldritch Knight)

Background: Soldier

+5 +0 +2 +5 +1 -1
(20) (10) (14) (20) (12 (8)

Now, I know that Gilgamesh is a WotV character, but at least I’ve got an excuse here. Without doing Gilgamesh, I wouldn’t have a complete Sworn Eight. Which would inexplicably bother me. Rest assured though that unless I spontaneously run out of characters to make, Gilgamesh will be the only character I make from WotV (unless I’m asked to make any others, then I’ll consider it). Anyways, seeing as he’s a hybrid unit and a support in his FFBE unit, I picked Eldritch Knight. He’s got some useful utility, but of course specializes in damage. He’s got a Greatsword for nice amounts of damage paired with War Caster as the typical spellcaster standard, which allows him to cast spells even while he uses his sword. I considered a Short or Longsword, but neither would’ve been the best for making use of his abilities without using two-weapon fighting or sword-and-board. I gave him Sentinel as well so that he has some extra melee damage conditionally. And I went with CHA as a dump stat to represent his character, brash and cocky as the Veritas of the Frost and just uncharismatic in Ardra. Anyways, onto his personality details since there isn’t much to explain here other than the fact he deals damage a lot:

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Personality Traits:

  • I’m rash, I’m cocky, I’m reckless, and I’m worshipped basically as a god!
  • I’m probably the single-most interesting part of WotV.


  • Power. My goal is to be the strongest soldier I can be.
  • Revenge. I seek revenge on all who have gotten in my way.


  • I was once a part of a group of soldiers called the Sworn Eight. Until they thought I died.
  • I’ve single-handedly manipulated an entire continent to war by giving one family a shiny piece of metal that summons ghosts.


  • I’m presumed dead in the present.
  • My backstory has been shoehorned into the semi-uninteresting WotV. Why’s it have to be about Mont and not me?

Parting Words

Well, that wraps it up! I’ll be honest, I really didn’t have much for Gilgamesh since I don’t play much of WotV’s story (tactical gameplay is too slow. But I’m probably going to grind through for Tifa and Cloud). As always, check here for the Google Drive folder. I added a “.” in front of the links document, for easier navigation for all of the resources as it was getting buried beneath PDFs and sheets (think of it as a sort of “Index” file). Next week, I’m not sure who I’ll make. As always, please don’t hesitate to give me ideas! I’d love to do Behemy to celebrate this week, but unfortunately I don’t have the Lion-based race from Theros (I can probably check if individual content is on sale right now and try to buy it), or Conquest Paladin (again, from Theros. That’s what I’d think of for Behemy though. Probably Lion-thingy plus Conquest Paladin or Barbarian something, or both). Any suggestions are appreciated! See you all next week! Thanks for the support!

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