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Current Raid and Earning Gil

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So Gumi announced new ways of getting more Gil cheaper and faster. But that's not what this post is about. With the current raid I think things became pretty obvious. During the first week we were managing to hit rank 38 on the boss. Then, once I had gotten enough currency to finish off the 5 raid summon boxes, I noticed that the boss wasn't hitting level 38 anymore. I think this just made it painfully clear that a lot of people are running the raid just enough to clear out the 5 boxes and then quitting.

So why am I making this post? Well, for those of you who are doing the 5 raid boxes then quitting, or drastically reducing the number or raid orbs you use, but still complain about Gil shortages, here are some numbers for you. If you are short on Gil and still running the raid like crazy, sorry, this won't help you. This assumes a level 36 boss, 200% bonus currency, and 10,000 gil from pilfer + luck junction, and selling all earned Raid currency (10 gil per). The below table shows just how much Gil you could earn based on number of raid orbs used per day.

Days Orbs per Day 1 5 10 15 24
1 102,400 512,000 1,024,000 1,536,000 2,457,600
2 204,800 1,024,000 2,048,000 3,072,000 4,915,200
3 307,200 1,536,000 3,072,000 4,608,000 7,372,800
4 409,600 2,048,000 4,096,000 6,144,000 9,830,400
5 512,000 2,560,000 5,120,000 7,680,000 12,288,000
6 614,400 3,072,000 6,144,000 9,216,000 14,745,600
7 716,800 3,584,000 7,168,000 10,752,000 17,203,200

So as you can see, with just a 200% bonus team, and using 15 orbs a day for 7 days, you could still get over 10mil gil. And these numbers only go up if you fight the boss when it's level 37 or 38, pilfer + luck junction gives more than 10k gil per run, and if you have more than 200% bonus units.

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So keep up with the raid and profit! Not only will it help fill your coffers, but it'll help keep the boss' level up!

Edit: Added clarification on selling Raid Currency.


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