Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

D.P. Fina Literally A Light Version of NV Terra

This is not a unit review (for D.P. Fina)!!! This is a comparison guide that focuses on adding another big (light) gun unit to your arsenal.


Check out the video version:

First off, this guide is mostly aimed at people who don't have NV Terra (sucks to be you guys). Terra is definitely one of my top 4 FFBE units of all time. My wife has not gotten her NV Terra as yet but most of us may have 5-18 (troll rainbows!!!) DP Finas lying around.

As a fellow player, I would encourage you to invest in some EVO gear at some point. NV Farris will arrive one day and knock Terra off of the EVO damage throne. However, that day has not arrived (SOONTM). Also, don't forget EVO damage is kind of the best type of damage in the game. It's considered 'fixed-type' damage so it ignores both PHY & MAG types mitigation and is only resisted by general mitigation (Damage Type Info). So those bosses (enemies) that love to shut down mag or phy damage, EVO damage can still nuke them but you won't be able to chain (with non-fixed damage chaining) and do damage (damage for both chaining and non-changing damage for both units below).

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Let's get down to it, here is a list of both units Brave Shift innate stats:

BS Innate Stats: Terra: DP Fina:
Limit Burst (MAX): 80x Fire Evoke Damage 71x Light Evoke Damage
EVO Magic: 240% 230%
EVO Damage: 60% 30%
Esper Bonus Stats: 200% (with any esper) 200% (Bahamut locked)(TMR/STMR Locked) (TMR: add 30%)
LB Damage: 75% 150%
Magic%: 200% 210%
Equipment% (TDH/TDW): TDH: 200% TDW 150% TDH: 200% TDW 150%
2x Chaining Cap Yes No

Buffs / Imperils (That Affect LB Damage):

Relevant Skills That Aid Limit Burst Terra: DP Fina:
LB Damage Buff Skill: 250% 2 turns (Trance Burst) 250% 3 turns ("Limitopia Ba")
LB Fill Max: Yes (1 turn) Yes (1 turn)
Imperil: 120% Fire 120% Light
Magic Buff: 300% 300%

Best Builder Builds (According to FFBE Equip):

To maximize damage DP Fina will be built TDH and NV Terra will be built TDW.

NV Terra:

DP Fina:

BS Finisher Damage: (FFBE Equip Numbers) NV Terra: DP FINA:
1 – Hit no Chain 1,671,286,358 1,272,299,912
Max Chain Cap 10,027,718,148 5,089,199,650

I know that the builds are like totally whale gear levels but I tend to only focus on the maximum damage a unit can do paired with the best equipment. However, you can log in to Builder with your data and see if investing in DP Fina (EVO gear) is worth it for you.

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Chaining Partners: In my last review about the best 'Tag' chaining unit I mentioned that I choose Rain & Fina as my go-to 'Tag' unit.

"Which Tag Unit is Right For You (A guide on tag units)"

Rain & Fina would be the ideal unit to pair both units with if you can only bring 1 other DPS (Rain & fina can tag chain Fire/Light mag and Fire Phy.

Note: If you can use DP Fina BS Limit Burst 4 turns in a row she would actually out damage Terra (What!!!!!!!). The real question would be can you?


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