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Dark Diabolos 8TK with Starlight Elena. Spin that Roulette!

Content of the article: "Dark Diabolos 8TK with Starlight Elena. Spin that Roulette!"

Hey guys, I thought I'd share a 8TK strat I came up with recently.

I already cleared Diabolos once with SElena, Kuja and Yoshikiri, but felt I wanted to try out a strat that wrings out SElena's damage potential against demons, also placing some self restrictions of not using Kuja and Yoshikiri for the kick of it.

Intro (TL;DR below)

Why does it have to be 8TK? Well, those who have pulled SElena will know that her BS form which is available on turn 2, locks you in BS for 4 turns, and turns you back immediately after. So if you want to utilize her 200% Human/Demon Killer exclusive to the BS form, you're locked into BS until turn 5. This is shit design which really serves no purpose than to inconvenience you from utilizing TDW, henceforth "balance", but I already voted with my wallet and I'm the one who has to adapt.

As per general rule of thumb, SElena's TDW base form is more powerful than her TDH BS form most of the time, with x470*1.5 = x705 mods compared to x543 mods in BS. The difference is somewhat mitigated by the ATK/MAG difference, but I found that the normal form deals about 100 mil. more damage consistently.

That's all fine and all, but the catch is that Dark Diabolos uses that "Roulette of Death" attack Shinryu uses, on Turn 4. Thankfully, it can be resisted with Safety Bit and Genji Shield, and you can move on to Turn 5 unscathed if the roulette hits those 2 units out of 6. So basically, you need to pull through a 33.33% chance.

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This may seem like more trouble than it's worth, I know, and that's kinda why I wanted to try it out for the challenge. If this strat seems like something up your alley, I have the team comp and turncounts below.

TL;DR: SElena deals more damage in her normal form, but her BS form has the demon killer buffs. So we have to painstakingly go through a 1/3 chance for the Roulette of Death(resistable) on Turn 4 to hit the death immune geared units, enabling us to go to Turn 8 for the kill.

Team comp goes like this (Link:

  • Common requirements: 30% Ice & Dark resist
  • MM Xon: Death immune
  • SElena
    • Base form: 300% Demon Killer, 3739 MAG
    • BS form: Death immune
  • BB Rem: 250% Demon killer, 3068 MAG
  • WC Ace: 250% Demon killer, 3522 MAG
  • XWQL: 95% Demon killer, 2664 SPR
  • Loren
    • Base form: Evade provoke, Carbuncle for 70% Ice resist buff
    • BS form: 150% Demon killer, 4232 ATK

I know Carbuncle makes it extremely hard for Loren to meet the resistance requirements while acting as an evade provoke tank, so you can switch around Lakshmi, Anima and Carbuncle depending on your available gear.

You can also give Loren the Full Hisame Scroll from Yoshikiri's Story Event, which enables you to use Barblizzaga and gives 50% ice resist. Props to u/LordLorek for the info.

The turncounts are as follows (Video link:

MM Xon SElena BB Rem WC Ace XWQL Loren
T1 Dark resistance Stop resistance Ice resistance
T2 Brave shift
T3 Burst++
T4 Ally dispel (Goes first) Dark resistance Stop resistance Ice resistance
The Roulette of Death! O O X X X X
T5 Copy SElena Magnus (Goes first) Tera Burst+
T6 Copy SElena + XWQL Light imbue + Imperil CD Peta Burst+ SPR Buff CD Break CD
T7 Hide (Goes first) LB (mod boosts) Ally dispel + Cure Blind + Accelerate (Goes second) Dark resistance Stop resistance Ice resistance
T8 Spread buffs (Goes first) BS *3 (Goes fourth) BS *3 (Goes fourth) BS *3 (Goes third) BS *3 (Goes third) Finisher *3 (Goes second)
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  • Depending on your unit pool, you can replace WC Ace and XWQL with other powerhouses like Kuja, Yoshikiri and Aerith. If you have a DS Sol, you can even replace Loren since he provides 75% SPR breaks (which is about a 12% decrease in damage, but you can add another magic DPS instead).

Hopefully those you are lacking that small bit of damage, or those of you who are looking for a self-imposed challenge like me can get some mileage out of this strats.

Good luck on the road to #1!


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