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Hey all, my friends have asked me to help them with DV quite a bit so I thought I’d write a DV guide for anyone struggling to figure out how to optimize DV with the units they have. This is going to be a pretty in-depth guide that I’ll be updating with new info I learn from other vets as I’m sure there are better/easier ways to do things than I am doing now!

Credentials: played the game since almost day 1 and I’m currently ranked #1 (tied with many other people) as semi-F2p (fountain of lapis only) on the current DV, although we don’t have all stages unlocked yet.

This is geared towards players who have a pretty significant amount of units – enough that they can reasonably burst the enemy on turn 2 or 3 of each stage (the earlier stages, at least). Hopefully there’s enough good info in here that anyone can learn something they didn’t know before.

Step 1 – Find info on the DV you’re planning for

Typically you’ll find this on the wiki or as one of the top voted threads in the sub, but I like to get started early (before the event even starts) and to do that I find Nazta’s post for the upcoming DV. I’m making a big assumption that Gumi won’t change DV (they won’t) and will simply mirror the JP version of the event.

Let’s use the most current one as an example. Find the news for it on the wiki in the news section then scroll down to where it talks about the enemies. This where you need to do a bit of detective work and find the corresponding DV in JP. The best way to do this is to check Nazta’s posts and keep scrolling until you find the JP DV that matches up with what you see in the GL news. For the most recent one, you’d have to scroll for a while and find DV 8 in JP.

At the very end of Nazta’s post, you’ll see the Area Summary and this should match up perfectly to the GL version. What you’re looking to match up are the elements and the enemy types. You could use the daily help thread or ask on discord for help finding the link if you’re having trouble.

Step 2 – Find your eligible DPS units for each stage

The biggest impact on your DV score is always going to be damage since it’s worth 3x any of the other scores, and is also the hardest to hit without losing points in other areas. To find what DPS unit’s you should use, you should always use dangderr's DV Burst Spreadsheet. Make a copy of the sheet before you start using it. Major props to dangderr for his incredible work on this.

For each stage you’ll want to change several of the dropdowns on the comparison tab. I’m going to use stage area A1 from JP DV 8 as an example for what you should pick. That stage is a beast type that is weak to physical ice or water, so change your dropdowns to be representative of that.

Ignore the actual damage – this is just to give you a rough idea of which units you need to bring to the fight. For physical fights, Tifa is going to be your go-to because she has been top-meta in JP for a very long time. This is assuming we don’t get surprised with an actual decent GLEX damage dealer, but based on the most recent units I find that unlikely, but you never know! For magic fights you’re typically going to be using whatever NV mages have most recently been released, and maybe a few older ones. Sometimes Tifa actually out-performs mages in some stages but I’m not going to cover that here. Typically I just go down the list top to bottom based on what units I have and pick 1, 2, or 3 as my top candidates. You might have different candidates based on what element you pick, which helps if you are lacking on certain units. My personal gear was strong enough to where I only needed Tifa on the physical damage stages, but you might need to bring a second unit to get over the 2.14b mark.

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Step 3 – Assemble the rest of the team – killers, imbue, imperil, element resist, evasion, ailment resist, breaks

General notes

  • There are two stages for each element/enemy type (except for the last 3) and I use the exact same team comp for both stages.
  • The goal of element resist and evasion is to take zero damage.
  • I give MM Xon 100% evade and 100% passive provoke. This has been covered extensively in other threads, so I won’t cover that here.
  • All buffs (if they aren’t AOE) will be mirrored and projected with MM Xon to the whole team.
  • For magic stages, sometimes you’ll need to gear your support units with elemental weapons that you auto-attack with to get the max points on the weakness score.
  • Use the FFBE Equip unit search page to find your specific units (mega props to Lyrgard!!). You can check the “only show units I own” box to make things easier.
  • You should be able to UOC any 5* base units you want except for the most recent ones, and even those will be added in October.


Pick the monster type and start at 200% and work your way down until you find a unit that you have that gives the highest killer %. For stage 1 I used Cid since he has 200% beast killer. Note: magic stages need magic killers unless you’re using physical type magic damage (XWQL, BB Rem, WC Ace) or hybrid damage (Elena).


Typically you’ll have both of these in the same unit. This one is sometimes hard to figure out because you may have a standalone unit that does both (Doctor Aiden/Dark) or you might have a DPS unit that does both (NVA Lasswell/Ice). You can find all eligible units on the unit search page by selecting both imperil/imbue on whichever element you’re looking for. Typically 100% imperil is enough but of course the more the better.

Magic stages don’t need imbues unless you’re using physical type magic damage (XWQL, BB Rem, WC Ace).

Stage 1 is easy because the enemy is weak against water and we’re using Tifa who has self-imbue and imperil. If the enemy isn’t water weak and you’re using Tifa, you’ll have to make sure you can get her LB to full with items, support, or by getting crystals by hitting the enemy. You can put LB fill gear on non-BS Tifa to help with this. Another option would be to use her water-imbue skill to fill the LB gauge, then dispel the imbue on her.

Element resist

For the first 2 stages of JP DV 8 they use fire and lightning skills so we need a unit that can buff 100% resists to those two elements. I used these values to find all units that gave me the right resists for the first stage. If you don’t have any of the units that provide 100% resist to both elements, another option is to gear everyone for 60% on both elements and use calamity border for the other 40%. Another option would be to use the bar-level spells on Espers (Carbuncle has 3, for example) to give 70% resist for each element you need resists for.

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For stage 1 I used Paladin Cecil. You could also gear up a magic tank with 100% resists to the two elements and cover the party.


For single target evasion, I am using MM Xon with 100% passive provoke and 100% physical evasion. Sometimes you’ll also need death resist on Xon – check the monster skill sets to be sure.

Some stages will require AOE evasion and there are several ways to get this. You could bring a unit like WOD Galuf who can cover the whole team, or you can use a skill like Vaan’s Jade Parry to give your team 1x AOE mirage. You’ll know if you need AOE evasion if you see a skill that does physical AOE damage that does not have an element associated with it.

If you need more stacks of mirage, you can bring someone who has dedicated 2x mirage like Kimahri OR if you need 3 stacks, there’s a trick you can use with MM xon that I learned from Sinzar. You’ll want to equip Xon with an item that has guts, like Chocobo Feather Accessory and attack him on turn 1 with a single hit (targeting your own unit) that’s enough to kill him in one hit but not hit twice. This opens up the “Smoke Bomb” skill that gives a 3x stack of mirage. There are newer support units that give multiple stacks of mirage but I can’t think of any off the top of my head.

Ailment resist

Sometimes you’ll need ailment resist – check the enemy abilities to see if you need to consider this. Even if the enemy has a skill that gives a status ailment, you may be killing the enemy before he’ll be on a turn where he uses it, so keep that in mind. One neat trick is to use something like Phoenix’s Auto-Med ability to heal ailments automatically on Xon as long as you have a remedy in your item inventory.


For this I’m really only using NVA Loren or Vaan. The reason is that they have the highest break % (85%) and can also use AR chaining with Xon on the kill turn to cap damage and also get the max combo score.

Step 4 – Gear your units

DPS units

You’ll use FFBE Equip to gear your DPS. Start with the highest dmg unit on your short list and pick the damage type (physical, magic, physical type magic damage, or LB) and turn select the enemy type at the bottom so that the builder will take into consideration items with killer effects. I always check “allow use of (type) items” because sometimes the builder will find really interesting equipment with killers that outperforms the gear you would normally use. For example, the builder almost always gives my Tifa the Equip L sword materia along with AC Cloud’s STMR.

Support units

Your non-damage dealing units can normally be naked except for their own TMR/STMR to get their trust ability. For example, MM Xon needs his trust ability for triple cast. Xon will also have 100% passive provoke/evasion and potentially need death/ailment resist as well.

Esper resistances

You need to make sure none of the espers the builder equips your units make you weak to any of the 2 elements the enemy uses. Otherwise, they’ll take damage even though they have a 100% resist buff. I’m not quite sure how to do this in the builder or if it even supports it.

Killer items

There are some killer items that you might not have or might need multiples of that you can craft or use TMR mogs on units you already have. Go into the encyclopedia and search for all items with the killer you’re looking for and see if there’s any that you don’t have that would benefit your team.

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Elemental group

Make sure you put your units in the correct elemental group that corresponds to the elemental damage you’ll be dishing out to get an extra 20% boost.

Step 5 – Fight!

Decide on kill turn

You’ll need to figure out if you can get to turn 3 or if you need to do the kill on turn 2. Some enemies start dishing out damage you can’t avoid (because of an imperil on your team, for example) on turn 3 which means you’d need to kill them on turn 2 or take some damage. One other option would be to build in a bit more resistance on your team or bring a magic tank with the proper resistances as long as the magic attack is coverable.

Some DPS units require a 3 turn setup to get maximum damage, but deal significant damage on turn 2. For example I wasn’t able to get to the 2.14b damage cap on turn 2 using Umbral Dark Fina, but I was able to hit it going to turn 3.

Understanding DPS rotation

You can use dangderr's DV Burst Spreadsheet to figure out what rotation you should use. Simply navigate to the unit’s page and see what the rotation is on a 2 turn burst or 3 turn burst.


  • Get resists (and mirage if needed) up turn 1.
  • If your DPS doesn’t have self-buff of ATK/MAG in their rotation, make sure you mirror/project it from another unit with Xon.
  • Use 3x AR chain with MM Xon and Vaan/Loren to get max combo score. If you need to mirror and project on turn 3 with Xon, you could use another AR chainer like Kunshira (who also provides elemental buffs!).
  • Mirror the imperil and killer buffs before attacking.
  • Remove any enemy self-buffs before attacking (both Loren and Vaan have skills that can do this without removing any other debuffs you’ve put on). Long press on the enemy to see if they have a DEF/SPR buff.
  • If a magic stage, make sure you have enough elemental hits to get the max score on the # effective attacks. Equip non-DPS units with elemental weapons and auto-attack on the kill turn to help with this.
  • Use a macro program to auto-click your units so that you get perfect spark chains. I personally use nox and build my click macros using ffbe-chain. There are auto-clickers that work on iOS and Android but I don’t have any experience using those.

Step 6 – Profit!

I’m hoping this was helpful to at least someone! Enjoy, and let me know if you have any questions, additions, or anything else.


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