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Dark Visions Talk – Is Xon a problem?

Content of the article: "Dark Visions Talk – Is Xon a problem?"

Hello guys, so before we get into the main topic, i'd like to let people know what are the Dark Visions if there is some who don't know.

The Dark Visions

The Dark Visions or often called DVs (nop, we aren't talking about that 'ol Dark Veritas here, sorry pal) is a new type event that only the JP version has tasted yet. It's an event that takes place once a month and is meta defining. Actually, it created it's own meta.

The Dark visions are succession of boss fights were you have to score the most points possible. In order to do that, you'll have to follow some rules. You'll be rewarded for a maxed fixed amount of points if you :

  • Hit the damage cap
  • Kill the boss/es as fast as possible (Turn 1)
  • Chain count (In order to get the max score for this you'll have to make a chain of 100hits, beyond that, you wont get any more point for it)
  • Deaths You lose 2k points for each deaths
  • Take the minimum damage possible (0) (Barriers count as your own hp, meaning if your barrier gets damaged, it's the same if you didn't have any and get damaged) (self damage however dont count as damage taken, it wont make you lose any points)

And that pretty much sums it. Basically, you'll have to hit it as hard as possible and as fast as possible, with taking little to no damages if possible. Once you beat the stage, you get a grade and your score on points. Let's say S with 72k points.

The possible scores are :

  • SS
  • S
  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D ??
  • E ??

Uhh, actually i don't know how low it goes, i don't remember it, not sure there is a D and E.

  • There is 3 Areas on each Dark visions event, they usually aren't all released at once, they release one every 2 days, like one monday, then the second one wednesday and then third one friday.

  • These 3 areas are composed with 5 stages, usually the 2 last fights are the hardest. That's especially true for the area 2 and 3. Also the area 2 got preemptive attacks, which make it more difficult to take little to no damage. Gearing for the good elemental resist is often the thing to do, to be immune. So work on your elemental gear guys :p

  • The particular things with Dark visions is that, every bosses are either weak to Physical or Magical damages. And weaker to one element compared to the others. If i'm not mistaken, they have 80% resists to all the elements except the one they're weak to. And they're only 50% weak to it i think (not sure of these numbers, tried to look on internet to get the numbers right, didn't find any sure sources)

  • You'll be allowed to take 6 party members for each fight, but you can't use any friends, the 6th units will have to be yours as well.

  • You can set your team on an element, if you do that, every attack of that element will get boosted during the fight.

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Let's say the boss is weak to fire, you set your team to the fire elem, so you'd deal more than if your team was let's say, set to the light element. Not sure of the numbers here either.

Here is one of the video i made back then to show one of my fellow discord members, what Dark visions were.

As you can see on the video, my team is set on the Lightning element, because obviously, leviathan was weak to it.

That's actually a good exemple because, leviathan was the final stage of an area, the second or first one. So this wasn't purely a one sided fight. I had to try to take really less damage. In most fights, you wont take almost any really easily.

What really Dark Visions are about

Imbues, imperils, buffs and finally, KILLERS.

Dark visions are about having the rights units for the fights. That's why earlier i said that it created it's own meta. It gave a new life to so many units, like Regis you guys just got on the Global. Every units that can imbue other units get a time to shine. Etc etc.

And the most important thing in the Dark visions, the thing that reaaaaaally matters, are KILLERS

Killers are the thing that allow you to do the most damage possible, and some units can give killers buffs, and those are EXTREMELY VALUABLE.

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Let's take the exemple of regis who i was just talking about. If you ask to any jp player, which unit is the best for Dark Visions, he's probably going to tell you AC CLOUD!!!!! Regis, and this is why :

<6 turns cooldown, available on turn 1>

Increase physical damage against demons, humans, fairies, and undeads (75%) for 4 turns to all allies

Increase magic damage against demons, humans, fairies, and undeads (75%) for 4 turns to all allies

A physical and MAGICAL killer aoe buff fir multiple race, and a good one at that, 75%. This is what make you hit like a truck, even against really tanky bosses.

And we're FINALLY getting to the point


Xon is a really interesting unit, i think. I like him anyways, and i'd be lying if i were to say that i wouldn't like to get him off of an EX tickets or a off rainbow. I'd love to actually, why?

BeCaUsE HeS GoInG To BreAk ThE dAArkK VisIIOONs

As i said, killers are really what matters, and xon can steal ST killers buff to apply it to the whole team. Let's take for exemple Hyou's self killer buff

<5 turns cooldown, available on turn 1>

Increase physical damage against humans (150%) for 2 turns to caster

So he can take THAT and give it to everyone.

One of my friend on my discord did it against Iron giant Kai and killed him on Turn 2 wink at you alex

You see how broken this is going to be?

And the thing is, Dark visions is an event that has a ranking, so people with xon will heavily be at advantage. I personally don't really care, i know i'm going to do fine with him or withouth because i really like the DVs and will put the time and effort.

But i'm sure this is going to cause some discord among the ones who dont have him vs the ones who have xon. For this event, xon will actually be cheat mode enabled

And if it just was this, he can also imbue the whole team too, which is really convenient. He'll be an actual fucking beast.

I honestly think that Gumi will have to implement banned units in DVs just because of Xon existence.


Anyways, that's the "issue" i wanted to adress, i don't want this to be seen as a rant on Xon, as i said, personally i don't really care, i just thought it was interesting to talk about it.

Let me know what you guys think.


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