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Discussion: Is it worth it to farm ‘Heroes of the Brave’ medals for every new banner?

Content of the article: "Discussion: Is it worth it to farm ‘Heroes of the Brave’ medals for every new banner?"

So we have a new addition to events. With each new unit, we get a "Heroes of the Brave" equivalent event to farm the unit-specific medals to awaken their skills. (Ugh, the bloat)

Last week when we got this event to farm Cloud and Tifa medals, once I figured out how to two-turn it, I actually enjoyed it. It was however, an immensely NRG busy week last week balancing this farm alongside the Mog King AND Dark Visions. I think I burned about 300 NRG pots last week, and while some players have a massive 2k+ store, I was floating around 900 pots, typically using a few dozen every MK myself, so I can feel this dent. So I detail thinking below, but my tl;dr is: Will you continue to farm all of these medals, even for units you don't have?

When Neovisions first started up last week, I had a very completionist mindset; I knew I'd want to farm enough medals to awaken both Cloud AND Tifa even though I don't have Cloud, because the completionist in me finds the idea that the unit could be gimped for an indeterminate amount of time until a rerun sort of intolerable (I even considered farming more just in case Aerith and Red XIII share the same medals). God forbid I don't farm it, off-banner a Cloud whom I would be happy to pull. It was an NRG intensive blow (Rounding up to 20 tokens per run at 30 energy will be about 600 NRG to get close to the 400+ requisite tokens for both units) to do alongside a Mog King, but I figured this would be my philosophy. Dump a few hundred NRG into each token-event so any NV's I pull are fully upgradable. It was a moderate chunk of my energy, but ever the completionist for the past four years, it made sense; holding onto time limited things I don't know if I"ll need has paid off hundreds of times in the lifecycle of this game, why stop now?

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However, It was this week starting the story event that the obvious reality hit me; if Neovisions are the new banner units, that means we'll get one of these trials every single week. Now, I could afford to dip into my huge stash of energy potions for launch because I want to clean the MK of Forticite; but if I farm every medal-event to upgrade Neovision abilities, I will certainly be running a net-negative on NRG pots consistently, even with running the ad-wheel religiously. The fact is, they help the game become grindier than ever before, because now even off-weeks like the first week of a story event still have a 600+ NRG of extra grind. God forbid we start having more back-to-back King Mogs, and I think my stash will ultimately completely clear out in a few months, and I'll either be unable to thoroughly farm or have to pay lapis for NRG refills, which is not tempting.

So word of mouth is that NV Rain isn't that great, and Dark Veritas is a weaker Neovision too, so I'm tempted to just… bypass the farm this week. I need to restock those NRG pots and I still have a ton of farming to do in the FF7 Mog King, not to mention catching up on story while it's half-off and, you know, actually running this week's event. The completionist in me is quite bothered by essentially abandoning my Neovision Dark Veritas' skills, or not knowing if I'll ever pull an NV Rain and inadvertantly be unable to progress him until a re-run of the event in an indeterminate future.

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So friends, will you be farming this week's medal quests? Next weeks? I'm very curious for others' thoughts on this new NRG sink, and if y'all are as crazy as me wanting to stock up in advance or only plan to farm for units you're actively pulling.


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