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Does anyone think it’s asinine that they give us 20 (not 25) shards for NV Awakenable units as a login “bonus”?

Content of the article: "Does anyone think it’s asinine that they give us 20 (not 25) shards for NV Awakenable units as a login “bonus”?"

(As the thread title alludes to)…
I really think its asinine that they give us 20 (not 25) shards for NV Awakenable units (like Veritas of the Dark, Red XIII, OG Cloud) as a login "bonus"…
Am I the only one?

I mean… Seriously… Is that a mistake?
What does that do for us?

I can tell you what it does do…
It makes us…

  • 5 shards short of 25 or…
  • 5 or 30 shards short of 50 or…
  • 5 or 30 shards short of 75 or…
  • 5 or 30 shards short of 100.

For example…. If you have one STMRed VotD and one at 5-star, you could use the 25 shards from the SOON(TM) coin shop to awaken him to NV…. but then you have 25 shards from your 5-star base VotD and only 20 from the login bonus…. so that gives you 45 total shards…. which is 5 stinking shards short of an EX+1.

Everything should be multiples of 25.

…Or there should be an easy way to reach a multiple of 25… like needing 10 of the newer NV units' shards to reach 50.

The only way 20 will ever help us is if they give us a way to buy 5 shards in the future or if there's a way to get 30 in the future. Otherwise you're either going to end up with extra you can't spend or be just short of the shards need to reach the next level.

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As far as I know, the only other ways to get shards is to either use (waste) 1 ticket from a 5k pull to get 10 shards, pull a random VotD for 25 more shards, or buy 50 more shards for the 3000 lapis (limited-time) bundle in the shop.

There is no cheaper option to get the remaining 5 measly shards.

That irritates me like crazy. Anyone else?

They could add 5 more to the SOON(TM) coin shop for each NV Awakenable unit, or…

One day's login bonus should have been 10 shards and the other day should have been 15 for the older NV awakenable units. It's fine for the newer NV units to give 10 each day because they give a total of 40 which is 10 short of 50…. and 10 is attainable… and it's understandable to spend 10k lapis for a newer NV base unit…. but there's no way to get 5 shards for the older units without overspending somewhere.

Currently if you're 5 shards short of the level of NV Veritas of the Dark you're trying to attain, you have to either pull one extra Veritas of the Dark…putting you at 20 extra shards which you can't use until you pull another VotD or purchase 10 shards with a ticket or purchase 50 shards from the limited-time bundle in the shop…

That just doesn't feel right… if they don't give us 5 more shards somehow then…

We will ALWAYS have either too little or too many shards

… and nobody wants that.

I really hope they don't keep up this trend for every newly-NV-awakenable 5-star base unit.

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Please give us 5 more shards for NV awakenable units!

(If I'm missing 5 shards they give us or offer to us somewhere, I'll delete this post)

(Also… yes… my username checks out!) πŸ˜‰


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