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Don’t miss out on Stylish Steward Pecciotta Quick LOOK

Content of the article: "Don’t miss out on Stylish Steward Pecciotta Quick LOOK"

Hello guys and gals,

Today, we're going to talk about the free king mog unit, Stylish Steward Pecciotta. We'll break down his skills, TMR and STMR.

For newer players, SS Peciotta is a godsend. He is basically a budget Seeker of Freedom Vaan. He has an innate 50% passive provoke. He can achieve a hundred percent passive provoke with just his TMR and either Durandal from Seeker of Freedom Vaan or Moogle Plushie from Iris and Equip Shield Materia.

He is obtainable through learning the mirror of equity event so don't miss out on him.


Atk 30 + 30 + 40 + 30

Def 40

Spr 40 + 20

Hp 40 + 30

Mp 30 + 40

His attack increase is the highest among his stat passives, at 130 percent. He has decent bulk with 40 percent def increase and 60 percent spirit increase. He has 70 percent hp and mp passives as well.

Also, he has one hundred percent true dual wield.

He is resistant to blind, confuse and petrify. Blind resist is great if you are using him to chain. Confuse and petrify resist are useful as well.

He has a natural resistance to ice at forty percent and has innate physical evasion at twenty percent.

He can evade two physical attacks at the start of the battle or after being revived.

Lastly, he has a twenty percent chance to counter physical and magic attacks with an 80 percent aoe attack and magic break. He can apply those breaks constantly if you build him as an evade provoke tank.

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All his attack skills have absolute mirror of equity frames. So he can chain with the new Neo Vision Awakened Pyro Glacial Lasswell and Awakened Dragon Akstar.

He has access to 70 percent single stat aoe breaks but are limited to just attack and magic. He can cast a two stack self mirage that lasts for 3 turns.

He can break both attack and magic for 65 percent to one enemy.

His most damaging move is on a 4 turn cool-down that is available at turn 4. It has multiplier of 32 and breaks attack and magic of all enemies for 75 percent.

Lastly, he has a perfect dispel skill that is available at turn 1 with an 8 turn cool-down. It only dispels a single enemy's buffs and not the debuffs which is great!

Moving on to his limit burst. When maxed out, it has a modifier of 23 and does physical damage to all enemies. It costs 36 lb crysts. It can also perfect dispel all enemies as well as break their attack and magic for 75 percent for three turns.

His tmr,so cute it's criminal ,is a materia that gives a 40 percent increase in attack and 20 percent chance of being targeted. He can achieve a 70 percent passive provoke with his TMR alone. If you have spare prism moggle containers, you might want to save some copies of his TMR moogles. His tmr can stack meaning you can put more than one copy on a unit.

His STMR, Raspberyl, is a throwing weapon with 152 attack. It has 50 percent killer passives for birds, humans, dragons and plants. The killers can be useful in dark visions as well as in trials. However, not many units can equip throwing weapons.

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Overall, SS Peciotta is a unit that can be built as an evade provoke tank. He can break and chain at the same time and his perfect dispels can be very useful. His limit burst is really valuable since it can perfect dispel and break at the same time. His TMR is especially good for a free one. His STMR has niche uses but not completely useless.


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