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Dream Unit Design: Shulk

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Warning, somewhat long thread

So following the post by u/kolebro93 on dream collab units, I started thinking about some unit(s) that I would personally love to have included in this game. I decided to go with Shulk from Xenoblade Chronicles as I felt his kit would fit in somewhat well into FFBE.

As unrealistic as this collaboration may be, I still want to share with you guys what I hope Shulk's kit would look like if he ever got into the game and so just have a bit of fun theory-crafting what a Xenoblade unit's kit should look like when conformed to FFBE mechanics. In this thread, I'm going to try to design Shulk in FFBE to be as close to his concept in Xenoblade as possible.

For the sake of convenience and also because I don't want to get roasted about not knowing how to balance a unit, not all the ideas I mention in this thread will include numbers. This will mostly be me not wanting to state a specific damage multiplier for abilities.

If you haven't played Xenoblade Chronicles, I've included spoiler text for everything that spoils anything that comes after the first chapter of the game.

Without any further ado, let's start with my general ideas for his concept.

Unit Role

Shulk will be a Finisher unit with lots of utility for reasons I will get into later. He is a finisher mostly just because a majority of Shulk's abilities in Xenoblade aren't multi-hit, so I thought him being a finisher would match up best with his design.

Brave Shift Design

In Xenoblade Chronicles, Shulk has access to 2 sets of skills or "arts", those being regular arts followed by Monado arts. In his base form, Shulk will have access to his standard arts, while in his Brave Shift form, he will have access to his Monado arts. I had my reasons for doing this instead of having his Brave Shift to be something fancier.

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In his game, Shulk must charge up his Talent Arts gauge by auto-attacking. This design doesn't really seem to work in FFBE since the mechanics don't support it. In the end, I just decided it would be best to have the cooldown turns for Brave Shifting act as the "charging" time for his Monado Arts, as I believed it would allow him to stay as true to his origins as possible (that, and I don't think any other form of brave shift for Shulk would make too much sense. Sure, he can Brave Shift to gain access to Monado 2/3, but that doesn't make sense lore-wise if/when he switches back, nor does it make for an interesting kit since he doesn't gain access to any new abilities that way.)

For these reasons, Shulk will be able to Brave Shift starting turn 1, stay in Brave Shift for one turn, and have a 3 turn cooldown before he can BraveShift again.

(S)TMRs and Vision Card

TMR: Monado 185 ATK 2 Handed Greatsword equippable by Shulk only ( Or set it so that if equipped by anyone else, it instakills them at the start of their turn) Grants access to Visions of the Future TMR passive for Shulk and also grants access to Monado Arts in Brave Shift.

Visions of the Future: 100% Chance to counter attacks with Counter Attack

Counter Attack: Some generic counter I guess.

STMR: Will to Change the Future Grant 60% Atk and 20% Hp, Def, and Spr

Vision Card: Seizing our Destinies Not too sure what stats/passives this VC should grant, but hopefully the sprite is Shulk, Rein, and Dunban fighting Metal Face.

Limit Burst

If we want to stay true to Shulk's origins, there is only one possible option for this. Chain attack. Ideally, Chain Attack would be a high damage multi-hit attack that brings in sprites of the other Xenoblade party members to help, much like Shulk's final smash in Super Smash Brothers. In Xenoblade, Chain Attack is activated by consuming all of the Party Gauge. I bring this up because there is also one other ability that Shulk as well as all other Xenoblade party members have access to that consumes the Party Gauge, which is Revive. Revive allows Xenoblade party members to revive one another at the cost of 1/3 of the party gauge.

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Base Form Kit

*Shulk will be able to double/triple cast these

Back Slash: ST High damage and Shulk's main finisher

Light Heal: Restore HP to a single ally

Slit Edge: ST medium damage and lowers defense.

Stream Edge: AoE medium damage, inflicts additional damage to break gauge, and slightly fills LB gauge.

Shadow Eye: Reduce the chance of being targeted and increase ATK by a large amount

Air Slash: ST medium damage, inflicts additional damage to break gauge and inflicts a high, but non-meta amount of breaks (say 60-65% full break?)

Shaker Edge: ST High damage. Not as much damage as Back Slash, but damage increases if enemy is Broken.

Battle Soul: Sacrifice 50% of Shulk's HP to reduce Brave Shift cooldown, or if that isn't possible to implement, fill LB gauge.

All abilities are single hit.

Brave Shift Form Kit

*note, due to how powerful these abilities can be, and how Shulk can only cast them once before having to recharge his talent gauge, there is no multicast for these abilities.

Monado Buster: ST attack with higher damage than Back Slash and buffed Shaker Edge. Shulk's strongest attack.

Monado Enchant: Increase Machine Killer by 150% to all party members

Monado Shield: Give all units members 5000 HP shield

Monado Speed: Give one ally negate 10 physical attacks for 2 turns

Monado Purge: ST medium damage and negate the next spell cast In Xenoblade, Monado Purge removed aura and spike effects and seals some enemy abilities. This doesn't fit in FFBE so I went with the next best thing, which is sealing a spell

Monado Eater: ST medium damage, removes all enemy buffs, and inflicts DOT

Monado Armor: Grants 75% general mitigation to the whole party for 1 turn

Monado Cyclone: AoE medium/high damage and inflicts additional damage if enemies are broken. In Xenoblade 1, Monado Cyclone was single hit if I remember correctly, but it was Multi Hit in Xenoblade 2 when Shulk was available as dlc, so perhaps Monado Cyclone could be Shulk's only attack with a chaining family (preferably tornado)


That's pretty much it for all my ideas on how Shulk might look in FFBE. I know it wasn't exactly the most creative thing out there, seeing as how most of the abilities are copy pasted straight from Xenoblade into FFBE with minor adjustments to make it fit. Regardless, I hope you guys found this as interesting as I had when writing it.

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