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DV#10 – IDGAF Edition – A Quick n Dirty 3TKO strat for Anima (Hecatoncheir + Liquid Flame incl.)

So let me start by saying this will not help you cap Anima. This is a guide aimed for players like myself that can't possibly cap Anima and would rather just have a quick and dirty get in and gtfo strategy for clearing it with a decent score. I capped the first two EX stages (included in the video), but Anima is well beyond my means, and I'm okay with that. Getting #1 DV is a whale's game these days, and a whale I am not 🙂

Hecatoncheir and Liquid Flame are both perfect scores, although honestly the units/gear I used was overkill for both. Tifa or Edgar can probably cap Hecatoncheir on their own, and Physalis can probably cap Liquid Flame on her own, but I wanted to throw in NV Lasswell since I pulled him and feel like I need to use him for something

With Anima I fall into the category of IDGAF because I know I'm not going to get anywhere near the cap on this one. I didn't want to mess around with any of the dispel mechanics for the imperils, timing the buffs/debuffs, or work around any of the messed up issues with the perfect dispels removing weapon imperils. I could potentially have waited for the 11 turn ko, but honestly I just don't care enough about DV to bother.

I don't have any of the units needed to cap Anima based on what I've seen thus far in clear videos, and even if I did I don't meet the gear requirements for it. So I make do with what I have. Here's the team and rotation I used for each of the last three stages. Team builds are at the beginning of each stage in the video.

I'll start with Anima since the other two aren't particularly interesting.

Anima (3tko)

My damage: 715 million | Score: 253k pts | YMMV

Direct link:

– The Team –

Tifa (EX2) | King Edgar (EX2) | Charlotte&Physalis (EX2) | SElena (EX2) | NV OK (EX1) | mmXon (7*)

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Team requirements: Everyone must have 20% water/wind resist, except Edgar. Charsalis only needs it in her Brave Shift form. Xon is built full evade/provoke. Charsalis is built with full LB/turn to make sure her LB is ready on turn 3.

Turn 1 –

Tifa uses Dolphin Blow > Wave Spike > Meteor Strike

Onion Knight uses Precooking > Blessed Light Crystal > Blessed Dark Crystal

Charsalis Brave Shifts and uses Strongest Power-Up! > 2x Chaining Punishment (just to generate some LB crysts)

SElena uses Aqua-Overflow > Stella Maris > Polaris

Xon uses Elemental Mirror (on Tifa) > Critical Mirror (on OK) > Projected Mirror

Edgar Brave Shifts and uses Figaro Jump (make sure this is the last thing you do!)

Turn 2 –

Xon guards.

Tifa Brave Shifts and uses Awakened Fighting Spirit

OK Brave Shifts and uses his LB

Charsalis guards or else 3x Chaining Punishment if they need to generate some more LB crysts.

SElena uses her LB (increases the modifier of her finisher moves by 30x)

***tbh, SElena is entirely replaceable in this strat, but she's the best unit I have for the last slot so…

Turn 3 –

Xon chains with OK using Obscure Solitude (AR) > 2x Lethal Virus (SR)

OK chains with Xon using True Onion Chop (AR) > Rag n Mas (SR) > Shuriken (SR)

SElena uses Evil Must Be Vanquished > Evildoers Beware > Light Shall Bathe the World

Charsalis and Tifa use their LB

Edgar brings death from above.


That's it. No frills. Just get in and get it done. This is just how I choose to play DV right now. I'm not too concerned with high scores. You likely could find a way to tweak this into something that can do much better, and good on you for that 🙂

If you're interested in the rotations for the first two EX stages then feel free to continue reading.

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Hecatoncheir (4tko)

Direct link:

The Team –

Tifa (EX2) | King Edgar (EX2) | Marie (7*) | mmXon (evade/provoke build) | Loren (EX2) | SElena (EX2)

***This team and strategy will also clear any physical stage simply by replacing SElena with the relevant killer buffer unit. Even off-element, Tifa and Edgar together should cap everything.

– Turn 1 –

Tifa guards. Edgar uses Debilitating Spear.

Marie casts Excessive Lover (if you have 7* Lucas, but not 7* Marie, that works too with the skill Epitome of Defense).

Loren uses Peerless Blade – Shield Crusher

SElena uses Lux Overflow > Stella Maris > Polaris

Xon uses Elemental Mirror on SElena (this not only steals the imbue, but the 100% all elemental resist and extends it from 1 turn to 4 turns, Xon can then spread it to everyone on Turn 2. This strat will effectively negate all damage from all bosses on all stages before imperils kick in).

– Turn 2 –

Tifa, Loren, and Marie all guard.

SElena Brave Shifts and uses Light Shall Bathe the World.

Xon uses Critical Mirror on SElena followed by Projected Mirror

Edgar Brave Shifts and uses Figaro Jump

– Turn 3 –

Loren, Marie, SElena, and Xon all guard.

Tifa Brave Shifts and uses Awakened Fighting Spirit

– Turn 4 –

Xon and Loren chain AR > SR > SR (produces a 99 hit chain)

Tifa and Edgar drop bombs.

Liquid Flame (2tko)

Direct Link:

– The Team –

NV Physalis (EX2) | NV Lasswell (EX1) | Paladin Cecil (7*) | mmXon (7*) | Loren (EX2) | Relm (7*)

***Physalis can more than handle this on her own, but I wanted to throw Lasswell a bone here 🙂

– Turn 1 –

Physalis Brave Shifts and uses Load Limit Shot > Magic Gunner Type > Premium Moog Bullet

Lasswell Brave Shifts and uses Avanlanche Stance > Bane of Dragons and Insects > Freezing Edge

Cecil uses Lunarian Might (you can also use Marie here like I did with Hecatoncheir)

Xon uses Elemental Mirror on Lasswell followed by Projected Mirror (this is just to make sure we hit the effective attack cap so everyone chains with ice element)

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Loren breaks

Relm uses Pose for a Portrait > Are you Still Standing?

– Turn 2 –

Relm uses 3x Masterpiece Sketch (this guarantees Lasswell's LB will be filled)

Xon and Loren chain AR > SR > SR

Physalis and Lasswell cap with LB (the timing for these two can be tricky. Start Physalis right after you start the chains with Xon and Loren. Tap Lasswell shortly after. His LB has two hits, one as soon as you tap and the bigger hit later, but should still landing within the chain.)

Hope this helps someone out there! As always, thanks for watching and reading 🙂


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