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DV#7 / Dark Kokuryu [Perfect Score] without Ibara or her card.

Content of the article: "DV#7 / Dark Kokuryu [Perfect Score] without Ibara or her card."

I'm done with people telling me that is impossible to cap this battle without Ibara or her card. But this post won't be salty, promise.

Before someone tells my that "this is useless cause you're using _______". I going to list all my units with their stats/relevant equipment:

EX+1 Yohiskiri + his own card lvl 10, 2792 SPR, 150% Dragon Killer

EX+2 GrimLord Sakura + Aerith's Card lvl 10, 4953 MAG, 250% Dragon Killer.

EX+1 Starlight Elena + her own card lvl 10, 2499 ATK, 3702 MAG 150% Dragon Killer

EX+2 Loren + Cloud's card lvl 10, 4697 ATK, 275% Dragon Killer

Duke: "Gusty Attack materia" (SR Chain), two weapons, Damage irrelevant

Mastermind Xon. Passive Provoker,two weapons, Damage kind of irrelevant

My clear was a 6 turns one with 3 things in particullary:

  1. GL Sakura 300% LB Boost for 1 cast. I prepared my rotation to make sure that I reach turn 6 with her Quad cast, Mod boost and base form "Mag boost" from LB. Basically you have to shift into BF on turn 1, use the Quad cast CD on turn 2, shift back on turn 3, mod boost on turn 4, LB on turn 5 and then shift again on turn 6 to get her MAX DAMAGE POSSIBLE.
  2. Loren's max mods stacks. In order to get the max damage (whit this strag) with Loren. You have to make sure to use her BS mod boost from her LB, but you need her also for the 85% def break and her mods boost from "Blade of Devotion". So in order to get all that you need to shift her on turn 1, use her LB on turn 2, turn 3 is free turn (you can use her for dispelling bussines), turn 4 you shift back, then in turn 5 break + mod boost in her base form and turn 6 BS again and use doble SR + Finish skill (to chain with Gusty Attack Materia(Chocobo's trial)). You get x75 extra mod if you use this rotation.
  3. Kuja's stmr and Light Imperil. Even if I'm ussing Yoshi (who provides 15% water damage boost, 120% imperil). I was able to cap only with light damage. That's becasuse Elena has an 130% Light imperil (10% extra) and 5% more light damage boost. Ussing Kuja's stmr on GL Sakura base form give her the 10% extra light damage without loosing any space for magic. (Depending on your build Yoshi's water boost could be better, but not for me)
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In order to chain properly on turn 6 (giving the fact that some people thinks is impossible cause "Yoshi's skill is AOE" or "GL Sakura has 4 casts" etc etc). I'LL SHOW YOU on the video the order to chain, which is:

Send first : Loren SRx2 + Finishing Skill & Gusty Attack (Duke) <41 hits>

then when the first chain is builded (10 hits): Yoshi's BSx3(Aoe) & Xon's BSx3 (ST) <54 hits>

then on the second cast from Yoshi/Xon send Sakura: BSx4 <36hits>

and when Sakura is casting her second attack, send Elena: BSx3 <27 hits>

41+54+36+27-1= 157 hits (If you get those amount of hits, you've been chain properly). I did on my clear. If you need to see the time just slow down the video (manual chainnig BTW).

That's is for the strag, here is the video:

(If you don't like people who use "other series music" on their videos, apologies but I do like. )

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You'll stil needing heavy investment, even more than Ibara's+Yoshi clear to cap with this strag, but definetily is not a must to have Ibara or her card to do it.

As you may notice I'm not the best speaking english, so apologies, again.

That's it. I'm not really waiting for this being super usefull, I'd just want to share my point.



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