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Early Tips for Antenolla EXT Trial

Content of the article: "Early Tips for Antenolla EXT Trial"

We're currently up to date on trials! Not ahead or behind (based on JP), which means the next trial coming to Global should be Scorn of Antenolla EXT. I went ahead and made the wiki page for the trial, and here's some early tips.


Wiki page:

Mission Reward
Complete the quest Thorned Mace++ (1H Mace: ATK +178, MAG +20, Inflict: Poison, Petrify. +75% Humankiller+)
No items 50% Trust Moogle
Evoke an esper UoC Ticket x1
Finish within 20 turns STMR Ticket x5

General Tips

Reminder that this is all based on the JP version. There may be changes when it releases to Global.

  • Race: Plant
  • Flower can be ATK/MAG/SPR broken. Other parts are break immune.
  • Resists: Absorbs Water & Light. +99% to all elements in normal form. Always +60% non-elem resist.
  • Broken Resists: -50% to Fire/Ice and +49% to others while BROKEN. Still absorbs Water/Light.
  • Elements used: Magic Fire, Earth, Non-Elem
  • Statuses used: All eight ailments
  • Break Gauge: 4,500 HP. Weapon Vulnerabilities:
Weapon Break Effectiveness
Katana, Rod, Whip 100
Other Weapons 5

Remember that Break Effectiveness is doubled if dual wielding two of that weapon type.

Fight Tips

Antenolla EXT is another "easy" trial that isn't really tuned for the Neo Vision meta just yet. It will need a bit more work than Intangir or Coeurl if you plan to Tifa the fight, but it shouldn't give too much trouble for players using NV units. Anyway, here's the basics:

Antenolla has four parts. The Flower ("body"), which is the primary enemy, and three extra parts (Ivy, Root, Leaves). The three "minions" will do nothing except cast an unremovable stat buff on the Flower every turn they're alive. Once they're killed they don't respawn, and killing them will remove their respective buff from the Flower. Ivy (top) buffs the Flower's magic, and should be the priority to kill ASAP if you are using single target damage. Root (middle) provides the Flower with an attack buff, but if you're using evasion provoke, the boss deals zero physical damage anyway. The Leaves (bottom) provides DEF/SPR buff. Special note: If you ignore the body parts and kill the Flower first, the surviving parts will rampage and start using huge AoE damage. Kill the small parts first.

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The three body parts are fairly weak, and should die in one or two rounds of damage (AoE damage is helpful to speed it up, but single target works fine, just kill the Ivy first). The Flower has a break gauge (vulnerable to Katana, Rod, and Whip) and while the gauge is up, the boss has much higher stats. The Flower will be using a 7 round rotation that repeats. Here's the general attack pattern:

Turn 1&2 Turn 3&4 Turn 5&6 Turn 7
AoE all ailments Self 50% damage mit (can't remove) AoE stat breaks AoE non-elem magic (ignores cover)
AoE -100% fire/earth imperil AoE non-elem magic ST non-elem physical
AoE fire magic Self mirage ST non-elem magic
ST earth magic

Some things you may want are:

  • Status protection for everyone (gear or buff)
  • Provoker w/ evasion or high physical bulk
  • Magic cover w/ high bulk and fire/earth resist (up to 200% post-buff)
  • Unit(s) to break the BREAK gauge (Katana, Rod, Whip)
  • Stat breaks for the Flower
  • General and Magic mitigation for your magic tank
  • If you don't win by turn 7, AoE gen/mag mit (and maybe AoE re-raise)

To go into more detail about turn 7, that's the only real danger in the fight. On turn 7 (and 14, 21, etc) the boss will use two casts of a cover ignoring magical non-elem AoE attack. This hits sorta hard, and if this is used while the boss is not in a weakened state (with the break gauge depleted) it might kill your units/team. If your tank has a 75% magic mitigation buff for the party, save it for the turn 7 AoE, and if you're concerned about survival, use AoE re-raise. Or just win before turn 7, which shouldn't be too hard with a strong team.

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The final thing to mention is that if you deplete the boss's break gauge, when the gauge refills after a turn the boss will do an AoE heal on all surviving body parts (but not the main Flower itself). This shouldn't really be an issue because you should kill the body parts before focusing on the Flower anyway.

That's pretty much it!

So for a condensed guide for powerful teams:

  • AoE down the body parts
  • Remove the BREAK gauge
  • Unleash Tifa on the Flower
  • Victory

Video Examples of the fight

Here's a few example clears of mine from JP:

The recent guide video I made to preview this fight:

CG CecilLunafreyaCG VaanWhite Mage RosaNV RainNV Rain

My first (mostly blind) clear:

CG CecilCG PoneCG VaanWhite Mage RosaCG KujaCG Kuja

There's also more example clears in the JP Thread


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