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Early Tips for Intangir Extreme

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Now that we're in a new unit rarity era, it's time to recycle all the old trials… again! Starting with Intangir, we're going to be getting the third version of trials we've already done. In JP, they've been called "Extreme" trials, an upgrade from "Scorn", but the official Global name for these v3 trials is not yet known. Whatever they end up being called, here's some tips for Intangir when it comes to Global.


Wiki page:

Mission Reward
Complete the quest Enhancer++ (1H Sword: ATK +172, MAG +127, HP +10%, MAG +30%)
No items 50% Trust Moogle
Evoke an esper UoC Ticket x1
Finish within 20 turns STMR Ticket x5

General Tips

Reminder that this is all based on the JP version. There may be changes when it releases to Global.

  • Race: Beast
  • ATK breakable, Immune to MAG/DEF/SPR break
  • Resists: +99% to all in normal form, 0% to all while BROKEN. Always +55% non-elem resist.
  • Elements used: None
  • Statuses used: All eight ailments, and Death (only if you do the fight "wrong")
  • Break Gauge: 4,500 HP. Weapon Vulnerabilities:
Weapon Break Effectiveness
Instruments 200
Greatsword, Rod, Fist 100
Other Weapons 5

Remember that Break Effectiveness is doubled if dual wielding two of that weapon type.

Fight Tips

For the extreme trials, they all used the BREAK gauge. On some trials, breaking the gauge can change the bosses attack pattern, but for this trial, the only thing it affects is lowering the bosses defenses and stats while the gauge is down. Instruments have the highest break potency on this fight, so a multi-hit unit like Xon or Rosa while dual wielding instruments can take out the bar in one or two turns. Use Equip Instrument if the unit can't wear harps naturally.

Tifa Method

Let me just get this out of the way. Yes, Tifa can OTK this fight and basically skip all the mechanics. I expect that to be how most people beat this fight. No judgements here, I did the same thing for my first clear in JP. To give a brief example Tifa team that could OTK this:

  • Tifa
  • friend Tifa
  • Xon or Rosa with 2x Harps equipped
  • Chainer
  • Chainer
  • Beast killer buffer (NV Rain, Yuraisha, etc) with backup break weapons
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Turn one let Intangir sleep while you setup (no tanking needed). Turn 2 break the gauge in one turn and OTK with Tifa's capping a chain. Collect loot. Just a disclaimer that the Tifa's do need a moderate amount of gear to pull this off, but it's not too hard honestly.

Now, for the few players that don't want to Tifa the fight, read the next section.

Not OTK Method

This fight is literally identical mechanics to the Scorn version from 2 years ago. Stats have been raised, modifiers on skills have changed, but the attack pattern and sleep/wake mechanics are as copy/pasted as it gets. Oh, and he has a BREAK bar now.

To start, there's the pre-emptive ambush Meteor. This hits pretty hard, and units with low SPR will die (guts will save them). I put a calculator on the boss's Wiki Page where you can enter your units unbuffed SPR and get an estimate on how much damage they will take during the ambush. It's ok if most units die in the ambush, because you can let Intangir sleep on turn one while you recover from the ambush, as long as your healer survived.

Each time he wakes up, Intangir will react based on what was used to wake him. If he used "Drifting Off" last time he slept, then you need to wake him with Abilities/Limits/NormalAttacks. If he used "Dozing Off" last time he slept, you need to wake him with Magic/Esper. If you wake him with the "wrong" type of damage then he's going to enrage and almost certainly wipe out your team with multiple Thunderous Meteor casts. Special note should be taken that when he uses Dozing Off, then ANY limit burst will enrage him, even non-offensive LB's.

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Assuming you wake him up with the proper damage type, Intangir will do a few ST hits that ignore provoke/cover and have accuracy, but mirage works against them. He's also going to do some weak meteors, sometimes an AoE physical, and a few ST physical hits and status effects. I'd recommend a provoker (support unit with evasion is fine), but a cover tank isnt really needed if using 2x mirage. Physical cover can help with the AoE physical if not using double mirage, or you could just bulk up your team.

Each time Intangir goes to sleep, you can allow him to sleep for a round undisturbed if you need time to buff or setup or recover. It's important that you never let Intangir sleep for two rounds in a row though, or else he's going to wake up on his own in the enrage state (game over if that happens, probably). Each time Intangir sleeps, he will also give himself some buffs which you want to dispel each time you wake him up.

There's a threshold at 80%, 50%, and 20% health. For each of these, Intangir will do an extremely powerful cover ignoring meteor, use some AoE status effects, then automatically end his turn and go back to sleep. He will stagger these thresholds if you cross more than one at a time. Make sure at least your healer has enough SPR to survive, but it's ok if everyone else dies because you can let him sleep for an extra turn while your healer recovers everyone. Re-raise can also help with these thresholds.

That's basically it. As far as the BREAK gauge goes, if doing a slow clear you can either ignore it and just power through the boss while his defenses are up, you can let it wear down naturally while you DPS him if using the proper weapon types, or you can bring a dedicated unit to remove the gauge on DPS turns like Xon, Rosa, Ardyn, etc. I'd definitely recommend a dedicated gauge breaker because it speeds up the fight quite a bit.

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Video Examples of the fight

Here's a few example clears of mine from JP:

Here's a guide clear using units available on Global (not OTK):

#label-red”>Youtube u/Sinzar_
RinoraNV AerithArdynCG VaanNV RainFF7R NV Cloud

Here's my Tifa OTK clear (I did it "wrong", but it still worked):

#label-red”>Youtube u/Sinzar_
Paladin CecilCG VaanCG PoneWhite Mage RosaTifa (BS)Tifa (BS)

Here's a slow clear using Kuja, but also a lot of units GL doesn't have:

#label-red”>Youtube u/Sinzar_
Sieghard & IgnacioSakura & AyakaCG PoneWhite Mage RosaCG KujaCG Kuja

There's also more example clears in the JP Thread

Reference Links

Just for reference, here's some of the early tips for other trials still not released that I've posted:
Cloud of Darkness FF3 SBB
Shadowlord FF11 SBB
Necron FF9 SBB
Ultima Weapon FF14 SBB


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