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Early Tips for Scorn of Genies Trial

Next up on the trial schedule for Global should be the Genies! Here's some early tips:


Wiki page:

Easy Mode Reward: Spirit Killer+ (Materia: +75% Physical and Magical damage vs Spirits/Fairies)

Missions (Hard Mode) Reward
Complete the quest Mystical Bird Slayer (Materia: +40% ATK/MAG, +75% magical bird killer)
Evoke an esper +50 Energy Pot x10
Clear in 8 turns or less STMR Ticket x5
Party of 5 or less Rare Summon Ticket x1

General Tips

Reminder that this is all based on the JP version. There may be changes when it releases to Global.

All Three Genies:

2,400,000,000 10,000 7,800 200,000 7,500 180,000
Breaks: Immune Can Break Immune Can Break

Note: No stat passives at all

Genie Fire Ice Lightning Water Wind Earth Light Dark Neutral
Jinn -150% 0% 0% 0% absorb 0% 0% 0% 0%
Shaitan 0% 0% -150% 0% 0% 0% 0% absorb 0%
Iblis absorb -150% 0% -150% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
Poison Blind Sleep Silence Paralyze Confuse Disease Stone
100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
  • Race: Fairy (Spirit)
  • Vulnerable to DEF/SPR break, with no stat passives. Immune to ATK/MAG break.
  • Permanent field that doubles all magical damage (does not apply to Evoke)
  • Due to the field, Mages are preferred here (not evokers)
  • If only one Genie is left alive, it will heal and enrage. Use AoE attacks to finish the last two at same time.
  • All physical attacks are AoE with accuracy
  • Physical damage is all non-elemental and will chain
  • Fire, Wind, and Dark magic attacks
  • All magical attacks are ST with -150% imperil (before damage)
  • Genies will imbue your team with wind every three turns (which one absorbs)
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Fight Tips

So this trial is very basic in terms of mechanics, but it's another fight that will absolutely brutalize your physical tank. Every turn all three genies will use two AoE physical attacks that chain (six AoE attacks total per round). This means you can't even use Xon's smoke bomb to cheese it, so you want a very powerful physical tank with as much mitigation as you can layer on.

For the magic attacks, you want a provoker with 250% fire/wind/dark resist.

The genies have slightly lower SPR, and the permanent field effect doubles all magical damage, so you really want to use mages for this one. Remember that Evoke damage is not "magic" so it will not get any bonus from the field. If you really want to use physical DPS, you can, but it's going to be slower, and the genies will imbue your units with wind every few turns, which the green one absorbs.

AoE damage is preferred because if only one genie is ever left alive, it's going to heal and gain permanent 300% unremovable buffs. Killing just one genie is fine, as long as the other two die at the same time to prevent the enrage buff/heal.

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I'd rank this trial as sort of challenging, especially if you're doing the missions for 5 man party, or 8 turn clear (or both at once!). Like all trials, if you are struggling with this one, just wait on powercreep. Future units like NVA Sieghard can help to cheese this fight with his auto-cover, letting you use a re-raise/revive strategy to survive.

Here's an incomplete list of some good mage picks for this trial (Fire, Wind, Dark isn't usable):

  • Physalis (using her LB as an AoE finisher)
  • Melo
  • Ibara
  • Radiant Lightning (shifted LB for the AoE)
  • Shui Yu (shifted LB for the AoE)
  • Lunafreya (future unit, using her Holy Magic, not the Evoke)
  • NVA Angela (future unit, if we get her)

Here's a few other MVP units:

  • Savior Lightning (good provoker, SPR breaker, support chainer)
  • Relm (Rod Imperil, Fairy Killer, LB Fill)
  • Gabranth, Snow (Physical Tanks)

Video Examples of the fight

Here's some clears of mine on this trial from the JP server. I don't think I've done an all mission at same time clear yet (I'll try on Global!) but here's my sub-8 turn clear, and then my 5 unit slow clear:

8 turn clear using Physalis:

#label-red”>Youtube u/Sinzar_
NV GabranthRelmNV SoS LightningLunafreyaNV PhysalisNV Physalis

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5 man party which took 33 turns (my first, mostly blind clear, not optimized at all):

#label-red”>Youtube u/Sinzar_
NV GabranthWind VeritasSummer Fina & Lid 2018LunafreyaLunafreya

Bonus: 7 turn clear using Angela NVA:

#label-red”>Youtube u/Sinzar_
NV GabranthRelmNV SoS LightningTidusAngelaAngela

There's also more example clears in the JP Thread

Reference Links

Just for reference, here's some of the early tips for other trials still not released that I've posted:
Cloud of Darkness FF3 SBB
Necron FF9 SBB
Remaining SBBs 13,8,0,12,7


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