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Early Tips for Whip Whiskered Beast (Coeurl Trial)

Content of the article: "Early Tips for Whip Whiskered Beast (Coeurl Trial)"

Gumi catching me off-guard… I didn't expect Coeurl to be our next trial. Well, here's some early (brief) tips about the trial coming Thursday. News


Wiki page:

Mission Reward
Complete the quest Coeurl Headpiece
Use no more than 3 items 10% Trust Moogle
Win within 25 turns Call of the Wild
Finish with an esper Coeurl's Blaster

General Tips

Reminder that this is all based on the JP version. There may be changes when it releases to Global.

  • Race: Beast
  • All breaks work
  • Neutral to every element
  • Physical Elements used: Fire, Lightning
  • Magic Elements used: Ice, Lightning, Light
  • Imperils: -50% Lightning
  • Statuses used: Paralyze
  • Break Gauge: None
  • Misc: Uses mirage, self cures own debuffs, uses AoE dispel

Fight Tips

Theres two general methods for this trial. The "Tifa way" and the "Normal" way.

Tifa Method

Tifa can do a turn two OTK on this trial. Coeurl has higher stats than Behemoth, but is single race instead of dual race, so should be about the same'ish in terms of how hard to OTK. You're going to want to have strong gear and a good support squad to setup the T2 OTK, but it can be done. I won't spend a lot of time discussing how to do this method because people who have the gear to pull it off probably don't need a guide on how.

Not OTK Method

Coeurl will be swapping his attack mode every two turns during this fight. While in "physical mode" he will use a bunch of physical attacks (ST and AoE). I recommend a physical cover tank for these turns (evade cover works). While in "magical mode" he will use lots of magic attacks that can be covered. A magical cover tank is very helpful for these turns. You can use a dual cover tank (Basch, HA Charlotte, etc) to swap cover as needed, but it's going to be very hard to gear a single unit to survive both kinds of cover, though it is possible. I'd personally recommend you bring two tanks, one dedicated physical tank and one dedicated magical tank, and have them take turns covering whichever attack is coming that turn. That way you can gear them for easy survival vs their intended damage type.

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Mode pattern:

  • Turn 1: Physical Mode
  • Turn 2: Magical Mode
  • Turn 3: Magical Mode
  • Turn 4: Physical Mode
  • Turn 5: Physical Mode
  • Turn 6: Magical Mode
  • Turn 7: Magical Mode
  • Turn 8: Pattern continues, swapping mode every 2nd turn

There's also going to be lots of attacks that bypass cover and ignore provoke. While the Coeurl is high health, it's just a ST attack per turn (mag or phys, randomly). Mirage will negate the phys attack that ignores cover, and good SPR will handle the magic cover ignoring attack. There's also going to be a fixed attack bleed active on your party for almost the entire fight that scales vs DEF. Make sure everyone has good DEF with a DEF buff, and a powerful regeneration buff is very recommended.

When Coeurl gets lower in health, he will start using a much more powerful ST magic cover ignoring attack that will OTK units if they don't have very good SPR. Keep re-raise up if possible. Later on (under 30%) the boss will also start using a 99% gravity attack on some turns (won't kill you).

You're going to want to stick to a single element for your damage. If using more elements the Coeurl will respond by gaining strong buffs. Every few turns Coeurl will gain mirage, resist buffs, cure his own debuffs, and AoE dispel your team. Make sure to rebuff or rebreak as needed.

Video Examples of the fight

Here's a few example clears of mine from JP:

Clearing with NVA Lasswell in a few turns:

Sieghard & IgnacioSakura & AyakaCG VaanCG PoneCG LasswellCG Lasswell

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Using NV Aerith to clear:

CG CecilNV AerithCG Warrior of LightCG VaanCG KujaNV Aerith (BS)

My first blind clear:

Sieghard & IgnacioSakura & AyakaCG VaanCG PoneCG KujaCG Kuja

There's also more example clears in the JP Thread

Reference Links

Just for reference, here's some of the early tips for other trials still not released that I've posted:
Intangir Extreme

I decided to remove the SBB and Eltira preview links. Chances of ever getting them on GL seems slim to none.


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