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Elena has lost her identity. This isn’t the real Elena, it’s Impostor Elena!

Content of the article: "Elena has lost her identity. This isn’t the real Elena, it’s Impostor Elena!"

Ok, I'm not here to talk about numbers and "meta defining damage" of the sorts, but about the concepts the surround og Elena that made us like her vs the NV Elena we have now

Whatever happened to Aurora and Blossom Stance?

Ok, this was one that made my head scratch. Seriously, they already had the basic concept of what Elena's base and braveshift (BS) form could be but they decided to not use it? The concept itself is pretty good (Aurora is more on offense; Blossom is more on defense) and it should've been expanded, but nope! She doesn't even have it on any of her skills and they even changed her main elements from Light (Aurora) & Ice (Blossom) to Light & Water. The concept itself was scrapped for… Crystal punishment? I dunno, BDSM maybe.


I personally loved Elena's kit when she was first released due to its extreme versatility. It gave out 3 good chaining family (plus Disorder), 4 elemental imbue, stat buffs, elemental resist, barrier, etc… She aged well enough even if her dpt plummeted because she has more to offer than just damage. Now, they scrapped a lot of it and just made her some hybrid DPS with little-to-no other utility


Ahh, yes. We were surprised of how bulky she was when first released even as a dps. In fact, she could probably rival tank stats before and we love it. Reaching around 14k HP, 800 DEF/SPR was no problem for her even when you built her as ATK/SPR. You won't care much if some stray non-coverable attack hit her because she's most likely tank it no problem. Now, she barely got bulk in her kit, which made her pretty squishy.

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Besides the hybrid damage and crystals, Elena is now somebody that we used to know. She has lost her identity as she transitioned to the NV Era. All things we loved about her back then and her core concept as well were lost for something entirely new. She could've been a literally different unit with the way she is now. Like what I previously said, this is not Elena anymore, this is Impostor Elena! (I saw her vented after she killed real Elena!)

Also, let's face it, Gumi has little-to-no idea in balancing when it comes to the NV era. Honestly, they were doing pretty well in the 7* era (even early when Olive was first released and such), but the concept of Brave Shift practically giving us 2-in-1 units made them selfish when it comes to designing units. From what I'm seeing, they are practically making 0.5 versions of two units and putting them into one. That shouldn't be the way of NV and braveshift should be handled. NV & Brave shift should give units more versatility in roles, but not at the expense of making them weaker to both as compared to a usual 7* with multiple roles. Anyway, this actually doesn't concern just Elena and is probably better for another thread to be discussed. This is what happens when you try to rush things without knowing the gist of it, and it shows with our early NV GLEX units.


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