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Elena, Yoshi and Simplistic Unit Discussions

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Hi everyone! Most of you who know likely know me as the person makes update posts regarding our GL Best Unit Tier List, which I will be making an update post about soon, but today, I want to discuss something different.

These past two weeks or so, with the arrival of Yoshikiri and Elena, I noticed a rather concerning trend, at least personally. But before I say anything, I want everyone to know that these might just be my woefully unimportant opinions, and that I do not mean to discredit anyone in the community.

The Concern

The particular concern I have is in the rather lopsided discussions about Yoshi and Elena. There have been many posts regarding both of their rather disappointing kits, and many of them are quite justified. Most of my problems aren’t with those posts, as many of them are well explained and reasoned. But rather the simplistic discussion as a result of the public perception of them. There seems to be a perception that Yoshi and Elena are downright “bad” units and many people seem to have written them off.

Why Is This An Issue?

For one, it spreads misinformation. And I have to say I have witnessed rather simplistic takes on both units.

Let’s start with Yoshikiri. Yoshi is underwhelming, that much is true, but underwhelming does not equal bad. He has his niche and he is good at it. This almost seems too obvious to say, but unfortunately I have seen advice given to new players saying that Yoshi is just a bad unit and that even if you pull him for free, you would never use him. And perhaps that is true for a veteran with all the meta supports, you may not use him over your Epsilon Nichol or Yuraisha. But new players who are understandably not well versed in the game, will take that and think that Yoshi is a terrible unit with no purpose. I would argue this is the opposite of the truth, I personally believe he is a competitive meta support in the game. So if you happen to open him and don’t have another support, you should 100% use him. But with the public perception of him being so bad, people who are misinformed seem to spread that perception without the nuances or detailed reasons as to why he is underwhelming or even why some consider him bad.

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I also think it is important to remember that not all roles power creep the same. DPS units are quite unique in how fast they are power crept and how fast jumps happen. All other roles have a much slower power creep. It’s unfortunate that Yoshikiri wasn’t a massive jump over our current meta supports since he is in a new rarity, but it isn’t unprecedented either. Way back during the 6* meta, just because you were in the 5* base did not mean you were automatically a huge jump over units in the 4* bases. A big example being the original Warrior of Light, who was still a meta tank over it’s higher rarity counterparts. DPS units back then were also power crept rather quickly but the other roles took a much longer time to have big jumps over it’s lower rarity competitors. Considering back then, some 5* bases were downright worse than 4* units, I wouldn't say Yoshi is the worst offender in this department since he has clear strengths over current meta supports.

Unit Details

Elena also released with rather divisive reactions to say the least. And I would say the sub was full of misinformation right after. Some of which was kindly dispelled by u/M33tm3onmars in his post regarding the modifiers about hybrid units.

NV units unlike 7* units have vastly more complicated kits and rotations often, just due to the fact that Brave Shifting adds at least another half unit on top of the existing unit. So it is that much harder for people making the rotations and calculating the damage to come out with a good gauge of the unit's potential quickly after release. This is especially true for GLEX units as there are no helpful JP rotations that they can reference off of. But, without those information readily available people were already concluding that Elena was a “bad” unit, with many initial assessments saying her damage was on the low end. This turned out not to be the case, with preliminary numbers pointing opposite towards that.

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Currently in this sheet she sits at the top of the damage chart, even above Tifa in a theoretical 11 turn rotation. Mind you Elena has a whole wealth of problems that Tifa does not, such as her lack of bulk and lack of killers, but damage isn't one of them. People can debate the other issues she has and whether or not that is detrimental for her, however as a DPS the main role she was built for, she is great.

What does this all conclude too?

I think we are jumping to conclusions too quickly about units and the nuanced discussion quickly seems to disintegrate to rather simplistic and unhelpful soundbites which will only confuse newer players. It would also help with less of the misinformation spreading, and stop from making the units sound worse than they actually are.

But do let me know if I’m overreacting!

TLDR: Let’s all wait and digest the new units for a bit before we jump to quick conclusions and spread misinformation about those said units, for a more fruitful discussion about them.


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