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Explaining the Chocobo Slots “Mechanics”

Content of the article: "Explaining the Chocobo Slots “Mechanics”"

This is meant to be an explanatory post for Slots de Chocobo, the "side game" reward system that we have now and has been around since I think last anniversary. There are some things I am not sure about how they work, so if anyone else has info I don't, let me know.

TLDR Summary: What you get is pre-determined, and there are a bunch of special effects that the game throws in to make you feel better about what you get, but really its just pure RNG like anything else in this game. This post will discuss what some of these "special effects" mean.

Post-Spin Special Effects: These are effects that occur after your spins have been determined (the cylinders have stopped spinning). Their effects are clear because they "reset" your spin in some way. There are three main effects, described below:

  1. Fat Chocobo "FEVER" reset: If your first two pulls give you two in a row, and then the third cylinder doesn't line up a win for you, sometimes the Fat Chocobo drops, the word "Fever" appears and the last cylinder resets to give you a win. This reset turns a loss into a win. From what I've observed: This always resets to the worst available potential win from the first two cylinders, and I've never seen it grant a top-3 win.
  2. Chocobo Herd "Fever" reset: I believe this only happens if you have a complete loss with no cylinders lining anything up, though this may happen at other times? Let me know if you've observed this under other criteria. If you meet these criteria, sometimes a herd of Chocobo runs across the screen, the word "Fever" appears, and all of the cylinders reset to give you a win. So this reset, like Fat Chocobo, also turns a loss into a win. I used to think that this would only net you a Bottom 3 win, though in this event I had one of these reset me to a Top 1 win (Fina). So it can give you anything apparently.
  3. Bahamut reset: This only happens if you've already won, and will reset your win to a better win. I think it only resets it to a top 3 win, but open to being wrong. Maybe it resets it to a win that is x spots better than the current win (so, moving you from 6th place to 2nd place, or something), I don't know if there is any actual algorithm here. This resets a win to a better win.
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Mid-Spin Special Effects: These are effects that occur during your spins, and I have no idea what they do.

  1. Green Slime: Appears while the first cylinder is spinning. Maybe guarantees that the next cylinder will give you at least one lined up slot as the first cylinder? Don't know.
  2. Yellow Slime: Appears while the second cylinder is spinning. I think it only happens if you got Green Slime on first cylinder, but I know it isn't every time. Maybe guarantees that the last cylinder will give you at least one lined up slot as the first two cylinders? Don't know.
  3. Different color background: I don't know when or why this appears, it seems like it usually guarantees at least a low placement win. Typically I've seen this as a blue background, but maybe it can also appear as green or pink/red? Don't know.

Pre-Spin Special Effects: These are effects that occur prior to the spins, and I have no idea what they do.

  1. Explosion: When you click to start the spin, an explosion occurs and then the spins start. I have no idea what it does or if it indicates a specific outcome.
  2. Crystal: When you click to start the spin, a clear crystal (as in the 1 star version) appears and cracks, and then the spins start. I have no idea what it does or if it indicates a specific outcome.

Now, let's be clear. There is nothing you can do to make one of these effects appear, nor do they "change" what you are going to get. Your outcome was pre-determined, these effects just add some "fun" to the experience.

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Its just like when a blue crystal upgrades to a gold then to a rainbow. You were always going to get the rainbow, the game just has some built in effects to make you feel happier pr excited. Same with these spin effects. Your outcome is determined as soon as you start the spin, and nothing you do will impact whether you get one of these effects or not. It has nothing to do with "timing your slots" or pushing in a certain way.

However, like when you see a gold crystal break with fewer "shine lines" you know it is going to upgrade to a rainbow, some of these effects can be helpful to know if your displayed outcome is going to be changed, though how helpful is that really since you'll find out literally in 3 seconds no matter what.

Anyways, I just figured it would be helpful to have an explanatory post about these effects because new players seem to ask about what these effects mean from time to time.



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